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Unpleasant chicken bacteria increase the Gotland society

The body of public health is currently working on monitoring the cause of the outbreak of a campylobacter, a bacterium that is usually associated with chicken meat that is not properly processed. The number of cases in Sweden was greater than usual during November.

"The increase applies to all counties in November, including Gotland," says Anneli Carlander, head of monitoring and coordination of units in the public health care.

More than 100 cases were reported in the country only during the 47th week.

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Foods that can contain a campylobacter are mostly fresh chicken and other food birds, the meat to be cooked so that the whole meat reaches at least 65 ° C. The bacteria can also be found in other types of meat.

– There is a natural variation throughout the year and this time of year usually should be a low season. But instead of showing it down, the number of cases turns upwards. Week 46 reported 89 cases of infection, and a week after that 112 cases. This will be compared with about 50 cases per week corresponding to last year, "says Anneli Carlander, head of the Public Health Unit.

During the last outbreak

which began in the fall of 2016 and was dropped in the spring of 2017, about 5,000 Swedes were infected. Finally, the industry has discovered some manufacturing problems, including the cleaning of transport cages. Measures have been taken and finally the number of infected persons has decreased.

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