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Unvaccinated persons exposed to infection are quarantined

In the district of Jakobstad intensive work is done to reach those who have been exposed to measles infection. Ostrobothnia is a province where vaccination coverage is the lowest. "It was only a matter of time," says the chief physician about a measles case that can develop into an epidemic.

Up to 150 people who are uninfected or inadequately vaccinated against measles can be exposed to an infection after an unwanted child who has traveled abroad was abused in the measles in Larsm.

The health center in the district of Jakobstad is now working under great pressure to achieve particularly those who visited Riso Bönehus in Larsm and may have been exposed. According to the chief physician Pia Sjöström most kindergartens have already been achieved.

In Larsma, only 66 to 77 percent of children born from 2010 to 2016 received a MPR vaccine, a vaccine that protects the measles, according to the surgeon Hanna Nohy at the Institute for Health and Welfare, THL. So called flock protection requires that at least 95 percent be vaccinated.

Pia Sjöström says it was only a matter of time before the field had the first case of measles.

"We have had coverage for a long time by vaccination.

The degree has clearly decreased over the last ten years, according to her. There is now a risk of an epidemic in this area. Damage is one of the most interesting diseases and many have been exposed.

Out of the provinces in Finland, Ostrobothnia removes the lowest level of measles vaccine. Looking closer to the municipalities, the coverage is obviously lower in those with a larger population of Swedish speaking areas toward Hanna Nohynek. The rate of vaccination is 80-90 percent on average, compared to 95 percent in Finnish municipalities.

If you are vaccinated within three days of infection, you can develop protection against the disease. Within seven days you can take antibodies to the measles, which have effect for several months.

According to Pia Sjöström, several people have decided to take a vaccine or have their children, but there are those who, despite the risk of the disease, do not. These people will be quarantined at home, which is in accordance with the contraceptive law. The quarantine will be updated no later than one week.

Just as quarantine follow-up follows, for example, will not be clear.

Sasvim Sjöström is now coming to the reception with many concerns, and the crew has been strengthened.

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