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VIK's brilliant revival in Karlskron – won Ersson after the impossible rescue: "The worst season of this season"

VIK fought Karlskrona on Friday night and beat 3-1. Here is Mikael Frycklund in a duel. Photo: Magnus Lejhall / BILDBYR N

The first period was a really talked-about story with a total of just twelve goalscuts. VIK was a bit better in the game but the home team had the coolest chance to score zero.

In the second period, VIK takes over even more and deserves 1-0 in the sixth minute when Fredrik Hetta succeeds in his sixth goal for the season.

After the goal, Karlskrona puts it in a difficult forge and creates a chance to sign. Then VIK rises in contradictory Anthon Eriksson, who breaks it clearly under Arvid Holm's crap in the house.

The third period is a long edition of a home team coming into the wave after the wave. Reducing is in the air, but thanks to the sacrifice of Gulsworth and the great game of Samuel Ersson, it takes 17 minutes to reach the goal. Control is needed in front of the box to overthrow Ersson.

But luck will be short-lived. Karlskrona wins the expulsion and Lukas Zetterberg can score 3-1 of his favorite in Powerplay. "Zäta" is now part of a joint shuttle management.

VIK goes to Karlskrona on the table in third place.

Compare three best players:

1. Samuel Ersson, VIK

Lost three games for injury. According to Karlsson, 19-year-old has returned from posts. He did not have much to do against him, but he did some very sweaty reflexive savages near La Dominica Hasek. Match Winner for VIK.

Samuel Ersson

2. Marcus Paulsson, Karlskrona

Already in the evening there was no target for a firefighter. However, the captaincy was handed to the home team. It is always dangerous with the size and style of brake protection.

3. Jesper Johansson, VIK

This was the garbage of the CIS victory. The team fought and lost, especially in the third period, to secure three points. The one who was most at all was Jesper Johansson who was constantly working hard on silent work. He got the crown with help.

Hottest Match Matches:

Three minutes in the second period, in the 0-0 position, goalkeeper Vik Samuel Ersson succeeds in saving if Karlskrona and Viktor Liljegreno completely eliminated just two meters from the goal at speed.

They all counted 1-0 home team. But Ersson makes an incredible reflex rescue and takes a step just to the right of the target line. Candidate for the worst rescue season.

Missing match:

Look up. What Viktor Liljegren lacks is that the situation is incomprehensible. If Karlskrona took the lead, it could have been a completely different match. Candidate for this year's worst defect.

Match Report:

Karlskrona – VIK 1-3 (0-0, 0-2, 1-1)


First Period: –

The second period: 0-1 (05.29) Fredrik Hetta (Jesper Johansson), 0-2 (16.47) Anthon Eriksson (Sebastian Benker)

Axel Sunberg (Matt Carey, Drew Paris), 1-3 (17.14) Lukas Zetterberg (Alexander Lindelöf, Kalle Östman)

Photos: 24-21

Exhibitions: KHK 6×2, VIK 5×2

Audience: 2 126

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