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Warning: sick meat is harmful news

The scandal with meat was discovered by the Polish television program Superwizjer. The reporter hired a meat factory in Elkopol and filmed when the sick cows came to the slaughterhouse at night.

The reporter states that he saw 28 cows who were too sick to be slaughtered during the three night shift he worked in the slaughterhouse, SVT reports.

The staff cut off the tumors and premature ejaculation, and the meat was labeled as approved.

In a dumb video, the staff can hear the waves diverging from the animal bodies.

– Who will eat this scary? one of the employees in the program translated by SVT asks.

– If you only knew what you were eating, the other responded.

Meat was found in Sweden

On Wednesday it was known that around 250 kilograms of sheep meat were bought in four different wholesale companies in Sweden, and Thursday Expressen reported 14 kilograms ended at a Uppsala restaurant where guests and staff were eating.

"Nothing means that Swedish companies who bought Polish farm meat did something wrong. We currently have no doubts about other polar meat, says Louise Nyholm, State Inspector at the National Food Administration, in a statement.

Sofia Boqvist is a senior lecturer at the Department of Biomedicine and Public Health at the Swedish Agricultural University in Uppsala.

Can carry infections

Eating meat from animals that have tumors is not only a health hazard, she says. But it does not exclude that the abscesses described in the Polish reportage may also come from animal infections.

"Besides the tumor, the animals were perhaps ill and for other reasons. There can be viruses and bacteria – some that infest people through food if you do not cook meat during cooking, she says.

If abscesses come from infection, bacteria can remain in other parts of the animal, and they are not visible, even if the abscess is cut off, says Sofia Boqvist.

The National Food Agency is of the opinion that meat is harmful to health.

– Meat is considered to be harmful to health. Animals need to be veterinary checked before slaughter and after that the dead animal should be examined after slaughter. If it turns out that the animal is sick, it is removed from production, says Louise Nyholm SVT.

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