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Women Raising Swedish Jumping – Sports

Men and women compete in different sports under the same conditions, but for several years men's riders dominated in the great context of jumping. Peder Fredricson is still a big star after the World Cup, World Championships and European Championships, Henrik von Eckermann, the highest ranked Swedish and Fredrik Jönsson, got a break in the World Cup. Before that, there was much that Rolf-Göran Bengtsson was doing.

Maly Baryard Johnsson managed to sign the national team as the only woman in the recent championships.

At the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000, Sweden was sent only by a team of women, which could happen again in the summer or at least one team where most women are.

You get a chance at the European Championship?

The European Championship will be held in Rotterdam in August, and since Sweden has already qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the Henrik Ankarcron Federation will give young drivers a chance to win the primary routine.

It looks like five female drivers from 25 to 28 years old – and everyone is on the spot during the International Horse Race in a Friendly Arena.

Stephanie Holmén was a reserve in the latest World Cup team, and Irma Karlsson was in a long-term conversation.

Both continued to ship when they had a chance in the World Cup. Holmén came five in Stuttgart and Karlsson made a big step towards the final of the World Cup final in Gothenburg with third place in Madrid already on Sunday.

Add Petronella Andersson's pretty freshness to sixth place in Verona and have plenty of time to talk about "Girl Power" in the Swedish skok.

"Like me, a little crap"

There is a very strong band. They're like me, tiny shit. They have only one thing in their mind and that's their way forward and succeed, says Malin Baryard Johnsson.

The anchor associate sees great potentials in the new generation and is pleased to note that riders have realized the importance of good organization, long-term thinking and solving trusted employees.

Irma Karlsson:

I try to keep as wide as possible on my horses. I like to own my own bet, whatever it is, I try to own and hold horses. One day I will have to sell for the purchase of new ones, but then it's just for business and investment.

I work full time and have a good team around. You have to be a bit humble and realize it's not just about yourself. You have to have good horses, a good hunter, a good veterinarian, a good trainer, a coach … You are the center point that must ensure that all the small details are working. In the end, one can not blame, but must take on all responsibility.

Raising the Ankarcron

TT: How will you stay high on a very difficult international competition?

I mean, as long as you have a plan and quite dedicated, do it all and have good horses. At the same time, one is not better than his best horse. As long as you follow the red line, you have a plan, that's possible.

Irma Karlsson emphasizes Henrik Ankarcron as a contributing factor to her and other women's achievements.

It is very good when it sees the potential, not just the results of black and white. Henrik also gives us a chance. Then it is up to you to take advantage of the opportunity when you get it.

TT: Can you assume that you will take over the national team in the future?

It's clear you want to get there, we all want it, but it's still far away. Then we'll see if we all finish there. We have five different conditions, come from different places, live in different places and differ as individuals.

TT: The future of the Swedish jump is light?

I think so.

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