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20 minutes – 47 rooms and 12,000 square feet for 3 million fr

"Selling historical and property assets requires time and needs to be well-prepared," says Werner Fleischmann, owner of Fleischmann Immobilien. He was entrusted with the sale of the Hauptwil castle. However, the expert is confident that the buyer can find for this bouquet.

Luxury property comes to 35 million in the market

Real estate view. (Video: Fleischmann Real Estate)

Since the castle was closely related to the history and culture of the village, it was important for him that the sale contributed to the good development of Hauptwil. Although the property is sold to the largest bidder, he says, "Since there are various options for use, the value is related to the corresponding concept of use in the sale." It expects a sale price of almost three million francs.

47 rooms and 12 & 604 square feet of floor space

The Hauptwil castle was built from 1664 to 1666 by Hans Jakob Gonzenbach. He and his brother, Bartholomew Gonzenbach, at that time belonged to the richest Swiss trade families (pay-trade) and implemented the castle's established social status and architecture. This is evidenced by the high and spacious rooms – some of them with tapestries and majestic wooden carvings – or an artfully painted tower furnace. All in all, the facility has 47 rooms. The plot is 12 & 604 square meters, a living space of 3460 square meters.

But Fleischmann does not make the secret that the buyer buys a lot of money with the purchase price and pay attention to the requirements of preserving the monument:

The main building and the associated Turquines are classified as particularly valuable, yard and syringe buildings or former school buildings as valuable.

Various uses

The castle has been restored and restored in recent years, and is secured for the work of nursing homes with gastro-kitchen and various sanitary facilities. What a new chapter of the castle's history may seem to depend on the concept of using potential buyers, Fleischmann says. He is already in contact with community leaders and preserving the monument, and has developed initial ideas.

The main building can be used by one owner. However, there is also the possibility of processing six floors in the floor units. According to Fleischmann, the yard of the building with its L-shape can also be used completely differently: "The use can be very varied, a combination of life and work, and the center of the city of Hauptwil was also animated." Even some building land belongs to the estate , the park still leaves a lot of creative freedom, "no limitations of imagination".

The former grape grove is part of the palace complex and is located on the opposite side of the street (Türmlistrasse 3). It can be purchased at a price of 680,000 francs.


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