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20 minutes – "I cried after a phone call"

Twitter recently lost DHL spokespersons for a recent nerve after the customer regretted the disproportionate tone of the delivery time of the shipping company: "The only thing here is your url" is the beginning of the answer.


Do you think DHL's employee's response is OK?

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There are always disputes between employees and customers. That's what our readers tell us. These are her stories:

"You know we can not fight"

Luca's salesman (26) said, "I'm selling, the buyer comes to the fish counter and greeted him, his first sentence:" You still find clothing in size? "Then ask him what that might be. At this point I invited a colleague who continued to serve. I would like to embarrass the customer. But these people know that we can not resist because otherwise we risk ending. "

"Eight hours of screaming"

Max employee (18): "I work in customer service for a large freight company, calling is not as bad as it is where I work, eight hours a day I have a whiner on my ear, and you still expect a decent voice on your phone?

"Prokle me as a cow"

Mel (40): "The caller called me to call me on my pickup phone. I asked him to delete that number because it was a line that should be free of emergency patients. He was sorry for his patients. I was shocked and asked for his boss, just hanging up the phone.

"The exchange was abnormal"

Müller Buyer (49): "My massage exploded, probably in the warranty period. When I asked if I had a guarantee, he said I should send it, and then you will see. I still do not know if I had a guarantee because after That exchange was simply abnormal. I never got a clever answer. "

"I'm sorry, I'm not responsible"

Brileineken reads: "The new coffee maker does not work after just a month, so I called the customer service: First try: the conversation was accepted, but without explanation, it immediately lowered the handset, even without notice. at least one reported before hanging in. Third attempt: Finally someone comes and listens to my request Finally, it was said: I'm sorry, I can not help you because I'm not responsible.

"I'm not the only one who cried"

Emma's employee (21): "I'm working at the Swiss Web Store customer service department, and it's not really a picnic, can not I just call my bitch just because the boss is not available?" "I'm not the only employee crying after the phone calls."

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