Friday , August 6 2021

20 minutes – So Samsung's first folding phone looks like this

Smartphone screens in the future should be dropped. Of them, several companies are convinced. Among them is the world's largest manufacturer of smartphones: Samsung. The group was presented on Wednesday at the SDC18 Developer Conference with a foldable display.


Would you buy a folding phone?

Indeed many details of the Samsung device did not reveal. The phone is only briefly displayed on the darkened stage and the device is jammed in a shameless shell. They are folded in length, vertical.

Phone as tablet

Idea behind it: Despite the small shape factor, the device should be as large as a mini-tablet thanks to the so-called "mini-tablet". Infinity-Flex-Display in Open Mode. Mass production is scheduled to begin in the next few months, Samsung promised. The prototype is already shown so that developers can customize their applications to this new interface.

This should not be a trick: "In the beginning, the Fold phone can only be a niche, but it will certainly spread. I'm confident we need a switch phone," said Samsung's chief executive officer last month for

Presentation of camouflaged device in San Francisco. (Video: Youtube)

Other manufacturers are involved

Last week, the previously unknown Royole company from California showed the Flexpai model. It is a combination of tablet and mobile phone that can be folded. This device should cost around 1300 francs and be available from the end of December. Where the sale is still unclear.

For example, Royole announces a folding Flexpai Combination Unit. (Video: YouTube / Royole Corporation)

Manufacturers will probably present similar designs next year. Leaker Evan Blass suspects that LG will also introduce a folding phone at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

The benefits of design

If you are now wondering what to do with such a switch phone, there are different answers. On the one hand, this could be a large screen embedded in a compact form, on the other hand, the dual XL display would be convenient to use multiple applications at one and the same time. Or: This is a keyboard and other display of the content on one screen.

All in all, the new screen technology also allows a brand new mobile phone design. Since this is a new product category, it is likely that teething problems will continue to appear.


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