Saturday , May 15 2021

20 minutes – The controller ignores the sound of the parking sounds

Driver assistance systems are also responsible for improving safety on Swiss roads. Cars brake freely if you drive too close or block the wheel to keep the track.


Do you use parking aid?

The study carried out by the Axa insurance group shows that there is less collision in the rear of the model with the standard Emergency Assistance System as well as models without this tool.

Incorrect statistics on parking accidents

However, as Sonntagszeitung says, these tools do not help parking. Bettina Zahnd, head of accident investigation at Axi, says: "So far, we have not been able to prove that parking sensors are causing minor accidents when parked and maneuvered."

There is no exact statistics on the number of parking accidents. The Federal Road Office records only accidents reported to the police. The dark figure is relatively large. But the figures of the Alliance Suisse speak their own language. In the insurance group, the number of parking damage tripled from 2009 to 2016 to almost 27,000.

The sensors should cover the area around the vehicle

The reason for a large number of parking damage is with larger vehicles, even in the case of non-existent side sensors. Although there are front and rear sensors, but usually damage the drivers of their site. In addition, more and more drivers claim to have ignored the warning tone, according to accident reports, Zahnd said.

In order to control the increasing number of damage to parking, Zahnd suggests sensors that cover the area around the vehicle, and even "stand alone parking aids" just like the road.


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