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20 minutes – these are the most interesting parts of Switzerland

Super-rich in Switzerland are more of the richer stone. Some of them are characterized by family history, their ingenuity or simply their age. 20 minutes, a list drawn up every year by the Swiss business magazine "Bilanz", carefully looked at and selected the rich, which are particularly visible:


Do you want to be so rich?

Instagram Poser

German fashion designer Philipp Plein made a fortune with his own brand. This should be 150 to 200 million francs amount. His luxurious dresses are hit, especially in Asia. The 39-year-old company has its headquarters in Ticino. Instagram likes to put pictures of his luxurious life, like Justyna Gradek.


Noah Liebherr from the family around the same construction equipment manufacturer has already ejaculated the entrepreneurial spirit of his great-grandfather Hans Liebherr at the age of 18. A teenager has developed an application called ClassOwl. It helps teachers digitally distribute their homework. The wealth of his family is included 300 to 350 million francs estimate.

Veteran technician

New in the list is Urs Hölzle. The 60-year-old boss of technology at ABC, the parent company of Google, has a pool of assets and options for asset valuation 900 to 1,000 million francs accumulated. Hölzle, according to founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, is the fastest employee in the Google group, as the "balance sheet" writes. He was the seventh employee of the search engine.


27-year-old Maurice Burger, CEO of PKZ Holding, leads the fashion business of his father, Oliver Burger, who died three years ago. The family possesses estimated wealth 150 to 200 million.

Professional risk

Exiting the plane with a piano – that's not a problem for Ariel Lüdi. The former stuntant has long since left that job, but the risk remains his job: Lüthi is one of the most sought after venture capitalists in Switzerland. His happiness will be on 150 to 200 million francs estimate.


Andreas Jacobs (54) wants to adopt Albert Darboven, head of a Hamburg coffee company with the same name, to take control of his company. Jacobs is already an independent entrepreneur and sits on the board of directors and advisory boards of companies such as Dr. honey. Oetker and Louis Dreyfus. The assets of the Jacobs family will be included 12 to 13 billion francs estimate.


German Stella Ahlers was at the helm of Ahler's men's fashion house for 13 years. The portfolio has brands like Pierre Cardin or Baldessarin. Ahlers graduated theology from the University of Lucerne and lives on Lake Zurich. The theme of her dissertation was the equality of women in the state and the church. In "time" it is described as being ineffective. Your property will be included 100 to 150 million francs estimate.

A rich idea

Luck Dieter Meier is estimated at 150 to 200 million francs. It owes mostly to inherited securities. Meier is investing heavily in various projects such as his music, as well as nutshells and, recently, his chocolate label "Oro de Cacao". Thus, as Bilanz writes, a state coup is now being achieved. Starbucks wants to offer its low-sugar chocolate in top stores and Unilever to cover magnum glacave.

Traumatized heir

Marina Ruiz-Picasso is the grandson of Pabla Picasso and regularly sells the works of her beloved grandfather, whom she barely knew. Much of the sales revenue comes into social care projects. Speakers said the sale of art was "healing" for her. It helps her to handle her traumatic childhood: Ruiz-Picass's parents were alcoholics. Your property will be included 1.5 to 2 billion francs estimate.

Glamorous couple

The treasury of Michelle and Tomaso Trussardi-Hunziker is estimated at between 250 and 300 million francs. This is mainly thanks to Tomaso's participation in the Trussardi fashion group. But Michelle also went under female entrepreneurs. He is involved in The Good Vibes Company. It produces natural cosmetics and baby products.

the oldest

Robert Heuberger, 96th, is the oldest of the 300 richest. His son Günter is cleansed in a real estate group, property is now included 100 to 150 million francs melted.


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