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20 minutes – This is how much you spend on Netflix in Switzerland

11.90 francs a month is a subscription to the popular American streaming service Netflix. Thus, the basic offer in Switzerland is the second highest, as an international comparison of the British comparative service Comparitech shows. Only Denmark is still a bit expensive with 79 Danish kroner, equivalent to 11.95 francs. You can see the Top 10 Most Expensive Countries from Netflix in Image gallery above.


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In other countries, the service is partially much cheaper: buyers have to pay at least in Brazil. The subscription costs an equivalent of 5.25 francs per month. On the domestic market, buyers pay $ 7.99 a month, or about 8 francs.

0.21 cents per movie

Although the subscription to the US is nearly 4 francs cheaper, Netflix has a bigger offer: by comparison, the company offers a total of 5839 films and series, 239 more than in Switzerland. The US buyer monthly pays 0.14 cents per title. In Switzerland it is 0.21 cents, about 54 percent more than on the domestic Netflix market.

There are two main reasons why Netflix in Switzerland demands higher prices, as Ralf Beyeler of the Moneyland price comparison service expert said in 20 minutes: "This can be demanded more than Switzerland than in other countries is surely due to the high purchasing power of Switzerland" .

The other reason has to do with the size of the country: Netflix has to take the rights to the movies and the series separately for each country. In small Switzerland, Netflix could shift the costs incurred to smaller customers, Beyeler says. It also affects prices, according to an expert. Netflix did not comment on the big difference in price up to 20 minutes at 20 minutes.

Pay American Prices in Switzerland

Is there a way for Swiss Netflix users to use the side price? Yes, Beyeler says: "If you have access to an American credit card, you can subscribe to Netflix in the US, pay the US price, and if you are in Switzerland, take advantage of the Swiss offer."

Who wants to save some other way can split the subscription. With a standard subscription of 15.90 francs, two people can use the account. For a subscription of 19.90 francs there are four people – it would be about 5 francs per person instead of 11.90 in the basic subscription.

International average: 0.22 cents per title

Since Netflix's offer is also relatively large in Switzerland, the price per title is 0.21 centimes in the international midfielder: On average, customers around the world pay 0.22 cents. At least for the movie or series they pay to customers in Canada: 0.12 cents. The most expensive is Denmark with an equivalent of 0.36 cents per title.

Netflix is ​​not just subscription banking: The company recently launched a test program for advertising. For some users, this is why ads between series and movies appear. Many users were angry about this process. You can see how to prevent advertising testing and you Image gallery above.

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