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Air France-KLM: Joon threatened early completion

The new head of Air France-KLM is not convinced of a hybrid between a classic airline company and a low airline price. Benjamin Smith plans to stop Joon.

Soon Joon will celebrate his birthday. On December 1, 2017, a new French airline launched flights to Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Lisbon and Porto. In the meantime, it also does long-haul flights. Air France positions its new subsidiary as a hybrid between a classic aviation company and a low cargo carrier. Targeted audiences are mileniums, ie 18 to 35 years of age with "new demands", as launch is called.

The question is whether Joon will celebrate his second birthday. Because Benjamin Smith is nothing more than convinced of a new aviation line. The new Air France-KLM chief therefore decided together with his colleagues on the board stand, Le Figaro wrote. However, the Supervisory Board must still approve the decision.

There is no clear strategy

Even before the arrival of Canadian Smith, the Air France administration doubts Jonah. He wondered if the millennium aviation industry really was the true answer to the competition from low-end long-distance competitors such as Norway or Level. It seems that the new leadership has already answered the question.

Behind Joona has no clear strategy. An airline company, thanks to an amortized aircraft and a newly-trained low-cost flight attendant, though at a lower cost than Air France itself, should help you become competitive on the missed routes. But there's no difference in the pilot. It has successfully prevented the union.

But with Transavia?

Originally Air France is planning to send Transavia on a long haul. On the other hand, pilots fought, fearing that management would gradually reduce existing contracts through a cheap daughter. Now the plan with Transavia can be updated.

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