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Airbus aircraft for Indigo: The A320 Neo family celebrates 1000 deliveries

In early 2016, Airbus delivered the first A320 Neo, and almost four years later the family already has 1000 jets. Still, there is nothing but good fortune.

"We are delighted to be the first airline in the world to receive an Airbus A320 Neo today." On January 20, 2016, Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr spoke about handing over the first A320 in the Neo version, which represents a new engine option. Less than four years later, the aircraft manufacturer delivers the 1000th jet of the A320 Neo family, which includes the A319 Neo, A320 Neo and A321 Neo. The Jubilee aircraft is an A321 Neo and departs for India's Indigo airline, as Airbus announced on Thursday (October 10th).

With 280 A320 Neo ordered and 150 A321 Neo Indigo ordered, it is the largest aviation customer for the aircraft family. There is no need to confuse the Indian airline with American airline investor Indigo Partners, which has also ordered a total of 430 A320 Neo aircraft, but for four different airlines.

Two family members are highly sought after, one not

New-drive family leaflets are assembled at four manufacturing locations worldwide: in Toulouse, France, Hamburg in Germany, Tianjin in China, and Mobile in the US. Three family members have very different successes. At the end of September, when Airbus delivered a total of 973 aircraft, the latter split into A319 Neo, 748 A320 Neo and 224 A321 Neo. There were another 35 A319 Neo, 3082 A320 Neo and 2570 A321 Neo on open orders.

Given the low number of A319 Neo orders, it should be noted that Airbus brought in a competitor with the former C-Series, now called A220. However, the A319 Neo has more range and according to Airbus is "ideal in tough conditions like high altitude airports or hot climates". It satisfies wealthy individuals and governments, so the A319 is well on its way to becoming a government, business and private jet.

Production issues are picking up customers

Airbus, on the other hand, is struggling to keep up with production in the much-sought-after A320 Neo and A321 Neo. The difficulties continue to some extent. Jetblue boss Robin Hayes was "very disappointed" in July. This will be due to production problems at Airbus in the current year, a maximum of six A321 Neo aircraft received, instead of 13, aircraft, the airline. In early August, IAG chief Willie Walsh criticized the "permanent delays". That IAG subsidiary, Aer Lingus, therefore had to delay the start of the Dublin – Montreal route was "unacceptable".

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