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Amazing engagement on "Bauer sucht Frau"!

Updated November 30, 2018, 13:47

Obviously, true love. The 14th season "Bauer sucht Frau" was surprised at the store shortly before the end of the season: a couple tied their heads and got hired!

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Jörn cattle breeder from Namibia has suggested to his chosen translator Oliwiji, "RTL" said on Friday.

"I must have found love in my life," says the farmer on his future wife.

Oliwia (28, translator) and Farmer Jörn (38) from Namibia tell the reporter Ink Bause about her love of happiness as a couple.


In Poland he wondered if he wanted to marry him

At the beginning of October, lovers traveled to Oliwa's homeland in Poland, so Jörn could meet parents and homeland.

There the farmer made a proposal for marriage. During a multi-day trip surrounded by nature, he finally stopped his hand.

While Oliwia was busy taking selfies in the five ponds, Jörn put a ring on his shoulder.

This engagement ring now beautifies Oliw's hand.

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"I had a ring in my pocket all the time, and when we reached the top we asked for a quiet place, I told Oliwia, sit and have a picnic, and Oliwia take a selfie photo from us. I asked her to put the ring on her shoulder so she first she saw on the smartphone screen when she tried to take selfie from both of us, "says a 38-year-old.

This excited me with forgetting

The little thing, however, did not have the perfect proposal for marrying: kneeling! "I was so excited and somehow sensitive and I just forgot to kneel, I was at that moment and I'm still so happy that Oliwia said that!" Explains Jörn.

Oliwia and Farmer Jörn of Namibia want to live together forever.

© MG RTL D / Andreas Friese

The end of the 14th season "Bauer sucht Frau" from Inka Bause will be on the 3rd of December at 20:15 on RTL. Then the couple also report in detail on the engagement. (The)
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In the last episode, "Bauer Sucht Frau" is serious: Has this caused a court week or not? These farmers were looking for love in the current season – and they really found it.

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