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Android: Will the most popular OS be replaced right now?

Google has achieved, maintained and defended its market leadership with its Android operating system. Particularly and especially against Apple and its iOS. Now, however, only US President Donald Trump could kill the popular Android OS. In just a few days, a decision could be made. Affected: millions of customers in Germany alone.

Huawei's first device with its own Android alternative to Harmony OS will be a networked TV. The Chinese company unveiled a Honor-branded device over the weekend to conclude its developer conference. The Honor Vision TV in 4K resolution has a screen size of 55 inches and works with Chinese chips.

Huawei is pure No. 3 in Germany. If the group can’t launch Android on their smartphones from next month, Harmony OS offers an alternative.

Harmony OS as a replacement for Android

Huawei unveiled its Harmony OS last week and stressed that the group is always able to replace Google's Android on their smartphones. The company is threatening to lose access to Android because it was blacklisted by US President Donald Trump, citing security concerns. The Android lock was initially suspended until the end of August – as it continues after that it has been opened.

Huawei emphasizes that Harmony OS should run on all types of networked devices. The software is the same as Google's open source system is accessible to everyone. "We want to establish a global operating system that is not only used by Huawei," said Huawei manager Richard Yu at launch.

As expected, Huawei was not in shock with the Americans and hoped for a good outcome, but instead launched his own operating system. Harmony OS could be – if the magic really comes up – a real alternative for other manufacturers. Android would then lag behind – and with Apple, Alphabet (Google) and Huawei, then the three tech giants would be battling for market share.

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