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App «Shutdown» – Apple blocks Facebook – soon Google?

App "Shutdown" – Apple blocked Facebook – is Google soon?

Apple punishes Facebook by excluding an important program for developers. And Google threatened allegedly bad luck because it passed the iPhone app on the controls.

Apple has taken a drastic measure of Facebook's discovery controversial research application. Facebook Group can no longer distribute internal iOS apps to employees or other people, Apple has blocked the appropriate digital certificates. This was reported by The Verge on Wednesday.

To prevent misunderstanding: "Shutdown" does not affect applications available on the App Store. but:

An unnamed source familiar with the situation told the American Technology Blog that the preliminary versions of Facebook, Instagram, Messengera, and other developing applications are no longer working.

Apps that Facebook employees use are only used within the company, for example, for transportation or food in employee crates.

Facebook has treated it internally as a "critical issue" because the applications it does not work on employees' devices (iPhones, iPads, and Macs).

Is Google also a trick?

Facebook does not seem to be the only company that abuses Apple's system, Tech Crunch said on Wednesday night. Google also uploaded the App Store app to devices that are not part of the company.

Google allows the app on iPhone devices Screen Meter which has a strong resemblance to the exploratory Facebook application. So with an app that has since been blocked by Apple.

Originally, Screenwise was available to users of 13 or more years, just like Facebook's research application. Meanwhile, Google must be the main user 18 – but smaller family members can participate.

Like Facebook, Google also attracts volunteers with financial incentives. You should install the VPN application to enable traffic tracking and estimation. As a reward for participating in the online research program of the market, a coupon card is called.

Although Google is more transparent than Facebook in terms of how the data collection application works, it continues to violate Apple's rules, claims Tech Crunch.

Apple spokeswoman earlier stated that the company would not tolerate violations.

"We are developing our application development program for internal distribution of applications within the organization, Facebook uses its membership for distribution of data collection applications to consumers, a clear violation of their agreement with Apple." What we do in this case is to protect our users and their data. "


What was the trigger?

Tech Crunch announced on Wednesday night that Facebook had Development Program Developer Program uses Apple to install the "exploratory" app on iPhones of adolescents.

For a $ 20 monthly fee, teenagers enabled the group a comprehensive approach to installing a VPN application. The research app could send all online activity to Facebook, including chat in chat services, uploaded photos, visited sites, and where it is located. Also, buying in Amazon should detect subjects.

The iOS app that is used for tracking violates the privacy guidelines that have been hardened by Apple 2018.

How are apps deployed outside the app store?

apple Development Program Developer Program It is intended for third-party organizations and developers to make apps accessible to a limited user group outside of the application store. The so-called. "Entrepreneurial Apps" are for internal use only, for testing purposes, for example, when testing a beta version.

"Apple does not view or approve these apps as well as on the App Store because only employees who work for the author of the app can download them."


Since Facebook did not follow this rule, Apple abolished digital certificates that allow such applications to run on iOS devices.

The Verge explains:

"Revocation of a certificate not only prevents app distribution on iOS but also that apps work. Since internal apps from the same company or developer can link to one certification, this can lead to huge headaches that Facebook today has, where a large number of internal applications are excluded. "

Facebook and Apple have already become tense in 2018. Apple CEO Tim Cook criticized Mr Marx Zuckerberg's chief of staff after becoming aware of Cambridge Analytical data scandals. A legal rule is required for Facebook.

How does Facebook react?

Facebook initially said in the statements that it would voluntarily disable the controversial iPhone application. For Android, you want to continue with managing the app.

So far, the Group has not stated whether it violated the provisions of the Apple Developer Enterprise. On the other hand, it is emphasized that the market for research with teenagers has existed since 2016 and in the right context. Juveniles would only take part with parental consent.

American media Recode recalls that Facebook relies on Apple to deliver its apps (Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.) to iPhone users worldwide.

Apple is likely to delete Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp from the App Store, Recode writes. But it will be interesting to see if Apple will punish Facebook in any other way.

The same could soon apply to Google and its equally popular iOS application.

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