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Apple sued for missing dust filters

November 30, 2018 –
Dust on Apple computers causes screen disturbances, overheating, and performance loss. Interested users are now being invited to participate in class actions.

Apple is faced with a lawsuit because of classic action because you installed dust on your Mac computers. As Macrumors writes, dust accumulates in MacBook and iMac, which causes screen and dark spots to be damaged. Blown ventilation openings should lead to overheating, as well as massive loss of performance. As the complaint appears, Apple users are charging a late $ 600.00 warranty for late payment to clear the onscreen display. Numerous models of iMacsa and MacBooks are produced between 2013 and 2018.

The lawsuit was filed by attorney company Hagens Berman, who is currently inviting Apple customers to join lawsuits to enforce consumer rights. Prosecutors are seeking financial compensation for Mac computer owners and repair costs. Costs should not arise for Apple buyers participating in the lawsuit.

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