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"As a coach you have never really been happy"

Since the summer break in 2017, FCB could not convince the testers of summer preparation. Things are different this summer. Marcela Kollera has won four of the five preparatory games. Basler scored more goals than they were allowed.

Further stabilization follows stabilization

This is also true for Marcel Koller. "In preparation we have shown that we can score goals. In the past season we have been chances, but we could not take advantage of the goals that you really should achieve, "said the chief coach the day before the start of the season.

But not only will this season's performance improve, but Marcel Koller has other requirements for his team. For almost a year, the coaching team and the team have been together. According to Marcello Koller, FCB is now "stabilized". The next step is now further development.

This is the development of creating defensive compactness. But the focus is also on offensive: "We want to see the team moving forward and opening up," said Marcel Koller.

"Transfer time has not expired yet"

While in the FCB the team remained almost unchanged, there was a defense of the YB champion. The transfer window is still open so Marcel Koller would not rule out the possibility that there are still changes in the team.

Asked if she was satisfied with the current team, Marcel Koller waved, but: "As a coach, you're never really happy. You always have the feeling that you can do something else. Basically, the transfer time has not expired yet. If anything happens in an important place, you have to sit down and see if something is possible or not »

It is also possible that tension will eventually return to Super League this season. In the first match of the season, the FCB can show against FC Sion, can they apply these training guidelines for the first time.

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