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Assur returns $ 30 million to its customers

Assur returns $ 30 million to its customers

Asura health insurance company earned another good year in 2018 and for the first time allows users to participate in it. For this purpose, the Vaudlander Group has returned to its account an amount of 30 million francs.

Assure Mandatory Basic Insurance covers a good millions of clients. By the end of the year, about half of them would receive compensation in the amount of 40 to 100 CHF per insured person, the group said on Thursday in Lausanne. Payments vary from canton to canton.

Despite this reserve, Assura continues to record a net profit of CHF 61.9 million in the previous year. In 2017, the profit was even higher to nearly 90 million. At that time, however, the revocation of the legal provision that the Group deemed to have benefited had a positive result of 42 million.

Premium income increased Switzerland's third largest health insurance by 12 percent to CHF 3.8 billion. The number of insured persons rose above the million mark for the first time in history. Assura is strongly anchored in western Switzerland. As the third resident is secured, it is said.

Even after paying off the bonus for success to its customers, the solvency ratio in basic insurance remains above the 150 percent threshold. A key figure shows whether the insurer has allocated enough capital to cover the insurance. (Aeg / SDA / AWP)

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