Saturday , April 17 2021

Because it is too greasy: the guide was retired owner

The retired dog guide Perseus (13) was taken out of its owner. Reason: Labrador is too thick! Mother Nicole Reiber is indignant with the actions of the Allschwil's blind dog school. It is defending.

Labrador Perseus (13) has been used as a guide for years. His dog, Nicole Reiber, has so far spent "retiring" in Zurich. But a week ago, everything is suddenly changing, as reported by "20 minutes".

Employees of the Swiss School of Training Guide will be visiting Reiber last Wednesday. The Foundation owns about 1000 dogs and monitors them during their lifetime. But they did not leave Perseus with Reiber – but took him away. Reason: retired dog guide is too much fat! This is how Reiber describes an event on Facebook.

"Otherwise he was healthy"

The dog came to former owner Nicole Reiber four years ago when she was retired. But, within nine months, Perseus should have increased by nine kilograms – from 25.5 to 34.5 kilos, according to the Allschwil BL.

Reiber was asked to put Perseus on the diet. According to my own statements, that happened – just not with the desired success. The set weight goal was utopian. "Otherwise, he was healthy, as the vet said," Reiber says.

Perseus comes to new homes

Reiber can not understand the access to a dog's school guide. He did not care only for Perseus in the last four years, but during his time he had run long walks as a guide.

There seems to be no way to reunify the dog and the ex-guard. "They will get a new family or a new owner," says Gèrard Guyer, the director of the Swiss School of Leadership School, for "20 minutes." He was convinced that Perseus would be better now. (Work)

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