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Because she steals it: Harry's friends do not like Meghan

Prince Harry's friends have problems with his wife, Duchess Meghan. This was in a US television show written by biographer Harry, Angela Levin.

Duchess Meghan, 37, is not very popular among Prince Harry's close friends (34). Reason: They feel Meghan tightly controls her prince and sets the tone. At least the author Angela Levin sees what she says in CBS documentary "Meghan and Harry Plus One". The feature was broadcast in the United States last Friday and moderated by Gayle King, 64.

Angela Levin explains in the show: "I do not think it's popular in many circles because they like Harry and think Meghan steals the show."

A friend and make-up artist Duchess Meghan defends her

In addition to Angela Levin, Meghan's close friend and former make-up artist Daniel Martin (45) also spoke. Rave about Meghan and defends her girlfriend: "The love and the love the world has for her is unmistakable, but let's not forget she is as human as everyone else." As for the Meghan's negative title, he says, "I can not control what what is said and distorted in the press, but I am grateful that you have given me the opportunity to change Meghan's perception.

Meghan will prepare his own baby food

Meghan and Harry became the parents of Little Archie on May 6th. He is the first common child. Martin is sure the Duchess of Sussex will be a "light and practical mother". And she believes Meghan will prepare her own baby food and look after the child, "as if she had never married a royal family." (Paf)

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