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Big shit – Switzerland: Standard

It is usually a sentence at the beginning of big decisions. A sentence that one randomly utters but gets stuck in and then becomes clearer. in Tamy Glauser Someone said about three weeks ago, "Don't do it for you." When she answers the sentence with "voices," all the burden falls from her.

The model wanted her candidate for the national to do something right for Switzerland. "But how am I supposed to do something good when I'm not feeling well?" At the beginning of August, sitting in a cafe in Niederdorf, Zurich, squinting in the sun, the waiter brings a parasol. The hatred is dead. In the end.

A woman – androgynous, gay, which is out of the norm – was ahead of her candidacy for green I have a lot. Why was it too much now? "You can criticize my views, what I do, who needs it, even how I look. Being bothered by stupidity is too much for me," he says. "At some point, I no longer had the platform to justify myself. At some point it didn't matter what I said. "

The beginning of a fairy tale

It all started perfectly. Tablecloths are snow-white, snow-white chair covers, blood-red floral decor. The autumn sun shines on the terrace of the Bernese Courses – the gala night begins. Sibel Arslan Green National Council receives the Swiss Politics Award for Diversity and goes to her table with Tamy Glauser sitting. There is a conversation between women that ends, "Girls, you have to go to politics." The evening of September 29, 2018 was supposed to be the start of the 2019 political fable. It should end sooner – and with tragedy.

If the parties were people, the FDP would be a 170-year-old gentleman in a gray suit, SVP 47-year-old Christoph Blocher, SP's 130-year-old statesman with horn-rimmed glasses, and the Greens would be a 36-year-old modern woman. No one is more than Tamy Glauser in 2019: vegan, cosmopolitan, climate-conscious, cool, gay, political – but modern. No one fits a better young party. Prior to the December 2018 Federal Council election, Irène Kälin, Regula Rytz, Aline Trede and Sibel Arslan posed with their guest at the Bundeshaus. It's the perfect flirt.

“Would you vote for me?” Tamy asks on her Instagram feed to her community, “Climate change, marriage and adoption for all?” 1231 Hearts fly towards her. Nobody pays attention to the humpback in the comment column: "I think that's good, madame. Watch out for fashion, the catwalk or whatever, but stop politicizing!" The coup is too perfect to let him push. But you the votes below in the comment columns are just waiting to be shouted.

"At some point I no longer had the platform to justify myself. At some point it didn't matter what I said."Tamy Glauser

But first: spring awakening. Tamy Glauser and the Greens are approaching. Glauser is serious. She is honest, rejects standard sentences, demonstrates commitment in work groups. Within a very short time, a team of six people is formed around them – historians, party members, communication experts, friends. In March, the portrait will be published in the online magazine Republik, which says: "She knows that fashion, glamor and lesbian bonuses for political journalists are just welcome attributes for letting someone go deeper." At the May Assembly, no one doubts how right it should be. The news of the candidacy arrived in the media the night before. Who knows how many – or several – cameras would otherwise be present? About 200 delegates confirm their place on the tenth list. Location list 10. Elegant solution. Enough back to fool no one, forward enough to retreat.

And who knows? The Greens in Zurich are taller than the Canton election, having two seats with Balthasar Glättli and Bastien Girod safe. It is quite possible that two more will make them. For opponent Tamy Glauser becomes a serious problem. At least now the dark clouds are drinking together.

In the eye of shit

Agent Provocateur appearance. Not only fans of Tamy Glauser but political opponents are suddenly interested in the comment column on her Instagram channel. Glauser wants to make every effort to respond to all the comments this May. The trap breaks at 101 out of 291 comments. Fabio Hasler, a doctoral candidate, liberal, young liberal and candidate for the National Council of Upper Switzerland, asks the question Glauser answers: She is against any suffering. He doubts whether the pharmaceutical industry is making more profit or a cure, and "vegan blood, for example, can kill cancer cells." The original question later disappears from Instagram.

First with colleagues, then through the first trefoils, the post immediately spread on Twitter. Just hours later, Fabio Hasler, as a scientist, gives an interview in "The Flash." In the prime of time, he publishes six articles with new bandages to "vegan blood." 21 in two weeks. 16. In the same period, Andreas Glarner's Facebook post creates 16. Roger Köppel, who announced his candidacy for the Council of States last March and called the climate "intense" and the climate "drunk" with only one: Switzerland's "happiest climate opponent."

In the Insta comments column, opponents continue to warm up: «Famous, dated model, lets go without thinking Stuss – sounds like Trump. It's really not necessary, "writes the business director of an advertising agency that recently launched a new image of the FDP campaign.

And in the design this agency post created after Glauser's resignation, FDP Zurich has an unusually malicious tone: "Glättli is again glorious No. 1 – Is his vegetarian blood just as good?" FDP-Kreispartei 2 comments under the tweet of FDP Affoltern District President: "Don't be so angry. I'm just a beginner. Bloody novice. #Qualifications #tamygate. »Not only the SVP, but many FDP representatives from Basel via Zurich to Bern have taken to Twitter to comment. Tens a day, hundreds, thousands.

"Stupid as bread," "something like you should be a role model," "I'll kill you," people from Zurich call her from across the street or from the balcony downstairs. For three days Tamy Glauser doesn't go out the door. At some point, it deletes its app on Twitter.

The last hope dies after Glauser's appearance on SRF television's "Shawinski". Before that, she and Green sit together for the first time for strategic planning. Before everything was perfect. But now? From a solid look, she only creates one sentence about long- and short-haul flights in the media. Glauser specified this later in the program.

The ropes tear. He receives Glauser guilt from the party seat. Announced campaign invitations will be canceled. Selfies, too.

Garbage in the garden

"We could only watch with growing desperation, how it slides to us," says Zurich Green Party president Marionna Schlatter. In her mailbox, unopened envelopes end up with garbage in them: "Tamy is garbage," she writes in the news. Oberland in Zurich waste is distributed in the garden.

For a while, Schlatter barely caught hate posts on his own profile. Your cell phone does not stop ringing. For the first time ever, the party president and council candidate neglected media investigations. "They have never so systematically besieged me." Should You Train Glauser Better? "Nobody can prepare for something like that."

"People feel moved by my full presence. It's like holding a mirror in front of them. "Tamy Glauser

"In retrospect, I have to admit that I underestimated what disproportionate reactions Tamy Glauser would cause," says Balthasar Glättli. The Green leader tried to convince Glauser to the end, but it was too late for the right strategy. "We might have to prepare them even better for the severity of the ratings," he says. "However, with their reaction to the candidacy, opponents have shown that they have very respect," he says.

When Sibel Arslan returns from a summer family visit to Turkey, the last act of tragedy is over. Angry and quick, Arslan talks into the phone: "The question is who can afford to make mistakes and who can't?"

Tamy Glauser shrugged. "I apologized for the wrong formulation. You could also talk about the pros and cons of a vegan diet," she says. She looked away, took a sip of coffee, shrugged again, "I often wondered what it was. My person often activates a lot. People feel touched by my full presence. It's like I'm going to put a mirror in front of them." But Tamy Glauser spent her life struggling to be alone. He shrugged, "I'll do it again."

The 2019 candidate may have been too fashionable for Switzerland in 2019. And so he resigned as she did – by posting on Instagram: "It hurts me."

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