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Changes to Swiss: Will soon be a free beer?

Last Updated on June 30, 2019 at 10:39 pm

Other airlines have for a long time had no such offer, but Switzerland has so far said that short snacks and free drinks will be delivered to the economy class airline on short and medium-haul flights. That could soon change.

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Until now, you have a free drink for free between coffee, tomato juice, various non-alcoholic beverages, wine or beer. However, Lufthansa, the parent company of Switzerland, announced far-reaching changes on the investor's day, because "20min.ch" relies on the report "Sonntagszeitung" in a recent article.

Water instead of wine

It is therefore quite possible that food and alcoholic beverages will no longer be offered for free in the future. The aviation company is working on a new concept of food, was announced in Switzerland at the request of "Sunday Newspapers". Switzerland's spokeswoman explains: "As the new concept of food and beverages looks like, it's not clear yet, the concept is currently under construction."

At the same time, Swiss Chief Executive Thomas Klühr also made it clear that they really wanted to change from Zurich. At Geneva flights there is already a discount on the price of non-alcoholic drinks and food, the article states. Here the passengers only got a glass of water and the typical Telfel Swiss-Schoggi. Perhaps this might be the case for all flights in the future, but it still needs to be seen. (WUE)

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