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Charlie Adam praises Xherdan Shaqiri

He did it again. Charlie Adam once again talks about his former teammate Xherdan Shaqiri. But now he does not criticize him, now praise him supremely.

Charlie Adam (32) was criterion # 1 Xherdan Shaqiri in recent months. The two still play together for Stoke last season. When our Nati star moved to Liverpool after relegating in the summer, Scotland let his rage escape wild.

Examples like? "Shaqiri did not show up in big games." Or, "The coach allowed Shaqiri to run away with certain things." Or, "Sometimes we felt that they (the stars) did nothing for us."

«Wonderful Player»

Now Adam returns back – and suddenly praise our magic cube. In a TV show, "Heaven's Goals," he said: "Shaqiri is a great player, no doubt about it, probably better for a bigger club with better players, this little man can shoot goals from nothing and can play and go like many others. In Stoke we probably did not have enough players with his class. "

By the way, Adam played for 2011/12 even for Liverpool. Throughout the season, the midfielder has only won two tiny tales. Two goals – which Shaqiri already has on his account. (Dl)

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