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Comment: The meeting of Migros DNA

Migros wants to reject Globus and Interio because they no longer belong to Migros DNA. It is an expedition to talk in management: if they were profitable, they would still be family members.

Gottlieb Duttweiler was revolutionary in the small range. People have made life easier. Before your Migros, you went to the store and asked for flour for as much money as you did in your pants. The salesman looked at him gravely, filled it in a bag and slammed it on the counter. If you missed the money, the seller immediately noticed – and got caught in the bourgeois, sometimes unpleasant conversation. "Dutti", on the other hand, has paid for and packed his goods from the very beginning. 200 grams of flour, 500 grams of sugar, yogurt in a cup. It was sold over a Migros wagon for a round amount. It was efficient and modern.

Such Migros anecdotes from earlier years tell older people. Certain gratitude always echoes. This is Migros DNA to which the company today relies.

Migros announced a hit on Thursday: M-Way, Depot, Interio and in particular the Globe will be sold. On Friday, a fitness center M-Fit was added and Chicken's fast-food Chicken Restaurant was added. Reason? They do not fit into the Migros DNA. He emphasized several times to the boss of Migros Fabrice Zumbrunnen. They are successful somewhere else. Now look up – Attention, phrase manager alarm – "best owner".

What is Migros doing? When does a company fit into a family and when it can be denied? Let's take a business like M-Way. She sells electric bikes in good parts over the internet. Sustainable product in the future market. What, you should not answer Migros? Or Brocken Globus. The department store has been owned by Migros for more than 20 years.

Clearly, a complex picture is not what a cooperative is looking for. But: The most profitable part of Globus is a delicatessen department. Migros also deals with the noble brand "Sélection". Thanks to the high margin, it makes good money.

Retail trade has become difficult, even mercilessly. Who does not fit, he dies. It is therefore legitimate for Migros to switch to books – even if, as a cooperative, it does not have to share profits with shareholders.

You already suspect: if you talk about DNA Migros today, it is no longer a question when Migros has made life easier for people. Of course, if Globus or Interio were profitable, they would continue to fit into the Migros DNA on which Fabrice Zumbrunnen was speaking on Thursday.

It's about something else: to survive. Everything else is chattering.

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