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DJ Paul van Dyk receives $ 12 million in compensation

In the autumn at the Netherlands festival, Paul van Dyk was seriously injured three years ago and had to revive. The court has now received millions of damages.

About three years ago, Paul van Dyk (47) was in hospital, can not talk or walk. At the "State of Trance" festival in Utrecht (Netherlands), the star DJ fell six feet into the hole on the stage. Result: double backbone trauma and traumatic brain injury. Since the Netherlands neurological center is located in Utrecht, out of Dick could be treated immediately.

After the first shock, the musician sued the ALDA Events for damages – the court was immediately given a court in the United States. The organizer has to pay out Dyku equivalent to CHF 12.56 million. They should cover medical bills and missed costs due to disruption of the disease.

The hole in the stage was covered with fabric only

No wonder the court ruled in favor of Dyka. The fatal hole on the stage was covered only with fabric, and no one from ALDA Events pointed it out to the DJ.

Today, German can recreate music and be on stage. But the road was long. Bleeding in the brain could even lead him to not recognize his wife, mother or even himself. The DJ still hurts every day, as he said in the picture. Psychological, too, was not easy: "If you do not know if you can walk again, if you as a musician no longer know if there is still sparkle in creativity then these are things that characterize you." )

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