Thursday , May 6 2021

Does Apple close the next mobile trend? iPhones will probably have to do without important features for a long time

By 2020, Apple will not bring the iPhone with 5G to the market: that's what Timothy Arcuri, an analyst at UBS, reports CBNC. Namely, the expert expects Apple to jump on the 5G 2021 train, as the group has problems with purchasing the required 5G modem.

After challenging the license with Qualcomm, Apple decided on Intel's hardware. However, the company does not plan to produce 5G modems by the end of 2020 – in the background that the first commercial 5G networks will be released by the middle of next year, which is relatively late.

As an alternative to Intel, Apple could also use chips from MediaTek or Samsunga – but this is unlikely for two reasons. First, Apple would work in this way with direct competition, and on the other hand, hardware does not meet the high standards of the iPhone group.

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