Monday , June 14 2021

Due to excessive maneuvers: cars were blocked by the Rudolfstetten-Friedlisberg railroad

Two drivers had to be taken to the hospital, the cars blocked the train traffic for two hours. (Picture: Kapo AG)

The 44-year-old Swiss driver drove yesterday Wednesday, 07.11.2018 at 14:10 with Audi from Dietikon / ZH in the direction of Mutschellen. At the entrance to Rudolfstetten-Friedlisberg, a trailer train arrived when Ford approached from the opposite direction. There was a collision with Subaru and driving behind Ford and outdated trailer trains. Audi and Ford came to the track by August.

Ambulance crew, cantonal and regionalpolice they moved quickly after receiving the message. The 44-year-old Audi driver and 65-year-old Ford driver suffered moderate injuries and had to take them to the hospital.

Damage to property amounts to about 60,000 francs. policeThe fact finding process and rescue work lasted until 16:00. During that time the traffic was diverted by firefighters Rudolfstetten. Rail passengers were transported by substitute buses.

Public prosecutor Muri-Bremgarten opened an investigation. cantonpolice Audi's 44-year-old driver Audi was taking the driver's license right away.

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