elon muskElon Musk recently shared some details about Tesla's new software update.Patrick Fallon / Reuters

The next big Tesla innovation is in the initial blocks. Elon Musk has been announced on Thursday on Twitter the upcoming launch of "Summon +", the upgrades to Tesla's "Summon" parking lot.

As CNBC reports, it should now be possible with the software update that Tesla cars follow their own owners. So the car could not just park, but could also pick up the owner at a particular location.

The car should be able to keep track of owners everywhere

already in October last year Musk has announced that vehicles that are compatible with the update of Summon + will be able to park independently and park in the parking lot.

The new technology is part of the Autopilot Tesla autopilot system. Even now the owners of the S or X can park their vehicles mostly independently. With the new update for Summon + now, further distances can be solved independently.

Problems with launching markets in some countries

However, according to company data, Tesla can not be authorized to implement Summon + on all markets where the company operates. Here are still some regulatory and legal obstacles to overcome. The company did not become more specific.

"We go through the procedures until the final regulatory approval," Musk said in relation to Summon +. "In a few weeks, access to early access program owners will probably be released." Even then, the first vehicles should be able to track their owners to where their smartphone is located.

The upgrade should be compatible with all Tesla vehicles manufactured in the last two years.