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Expert Hansjörg Egger on Ju-52 collision

Hansjörg Egger has been a member of Luftwaffe for many years and is now considered a proven aviation expert. In an interview, LOOK gives a video rating of the Auntie Ju accident.

What can you read from the siege video You accident?
Hansjorg Egger: The video shows that the first eyewitness accounts of the vertical crash were not sweet.

What went wrong?
From the beginning it was suspicious that he was standing and the plane then entered the spiral. The video gives indications that this has happened the same way.

Is this a human error or a technical error?
When a pilot enters such a spiral after a break, he can hardly do anything. Especially when you fly relatively low above the ground.

Was the pilot able to do something else?
In such situations, there is often not enough time to react. Seconds on the plane are cruel to passengers and pilots. Perhaps the accident was stopped if you had more altitude and more time.

How important is this video to determine the cause of an accident?
For investigators, this is a valuable document because it can correct or verify eyewitness accounts. There is almost always a "vertical accident" or "fireball". The video now shows how it really was.

How often are there such recordings?
Everyday more and more. Today, everything has been captured and photographed. I hope the accident investigators can evaluate the mobile phone videos of travelers. I am convinced that most of the passengers were photographed and photographed during the flight, probably Martinsloch, who wanted the pilots to show their passengers. These videos could light up the accidents.

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