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Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition: 5 euro fee for failed promises

$ 200 The Power Armor edition of multiplayer Fallout 76 has Disappointment with fans caused. Reason: Included in the handbag should be made of canvas, but are shipped as much cheaper nylon prints. Bethesda offers a fee of 500 atoms – a currency that can be used in a cosmetic game. That's equivalent to about 4.50 euros.

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  1. STAHLGRUBER GmbH, Poing near Munich
  2. Carmeq GmbH, Berlin

On Twitter, the community is upset. She now has more than 1,200 responses to Bethesdin's contribution to this topic. In most cases, users complain about the scope of fees. "It's like giving Monopoly money back"writes one user. Another comment says: "Here's a Red Door or Hairstyle in the Atom Shop" and refers to objects that can be purchased for 500 atoms.

A lot of memes

Another user commented: "I tried to defend the game and make it look stupid", Comments also include many of Fallouta's previous descendants of the Fallout who are keen on community disturbances.

Fallout 76 is considered a bad play on a series of video platforms such as Youtube and the general community. also had a lot of appeals, such as missing computer-controlled people in the world. The emphasis is different from what has been previously developed by Bethesda Fallout: In a multiplayer fight with other resource survivors instead of talking to one player.

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