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FCB Coach Koller does not comment LOOK history

If FCB on Sunday against YB as an attack as Marcel Koller in an interview, then the chance to win Bebbi is not bad.

Marcel Koller, 1.77 points per Super League game. They are the second worst FCB coach for the last 20 years.
Marcel Koller:
Comparing the coaches who have been with FCB for ten years and those who are here only four months, I do not have to comment.

Does that mean you still need time?
I need more time when I'm 10, yes.

If the games ended after 45 minutes, the FCB would be ahead of YB. Why is your team regularly falling apart?
There are several factors involved. We are often at the forefront and we believe we must do less. Wrong. And we will return the lead. We'll talk about it during the break, but we still have no security. And we are offensive and not effective enough. But against Lucerne we are still balanced in the final minute, which is a positive signal.

FCB has already got four leaks. Like all other teams together. Are the nerve shiny?
I do not think so, no. One or the other card was a bit heavy, the other justified. These are scarce decisions. Sometimes we are a bit harder, the judge decides how to perceive it. Sometimes you have more happiness, sometimes less.

YB has 16 points. Did the championship fight go?
It would be bad to say that we just play a bit and congratulate YB on the title.

Is the defeat of 1: 7 in the first leg and still buzz in the head?
No, we have to mark it, that's not too much. We need to be more consistent and more effective than in Bern. Then in the second half we ran with one man less in the hole.

YB played against ManUtd during the week. Do you expect to be tired of Bernese?
No, defeat does not throw them off the track. YB is very well positioned and has a team of people who are 1: 1 of the same quality as those who play.

Does the FCB need to take action during the winter transfer window?
As a coach you always see ways to improve things. But that was agreed with the management of the club.

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