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Football: Premiere for VfB-Kobel – YB wins a heat fight

In the first test at the Fügen YB camp, the Bundesliga defeated VfB Stuttgart 3: 1. Goalkeeper Gregor Kobel debuts at Zillertal Glutophen Heat in Swabia. Still, he finds a game against YB «cool».

YB – Stuttgart 3: 1
It's hot in Zillertal, Tyrol. Nothing with alpine freshness. Perhaps at 2,500 meters, where tourists crawl. But down in the valley where SV Fügen plays differently, at 545 meters, the sun shoots on freshly harvested grass. Like every year, when YB came. After 15 minutes, the first drink break is followed. Even Guillaume Hoarau, who marks 1: 0 and in spades after slamming, has to sweat, like a saunas: "It's very hot. Also for one of La Reunion, where it is often hot. But there we are not in the sun. Even there we go in the shadows. And there we are human beings.

Hoara would not be Hoara if he did not take it positively out of it: "We are in the camp. Such heat cures, which is good to train mentally." In addition to this is the latest YB inflow by Cédric Zesiger, who came from the GC and is happy as Berner – Zesiger is a seaside – like a young boy at YB. And soon Saidy Janko, right-wing defender and former FCZ junior from Porta, early in Manchester United, will soon be in the camp, then Bolton, Celtic, Barnsley , Saint-Etinne, Porto and Nottingham, with YB-Hintermannschaft complete. In any case, in Bern, everything is done to give the Champions League the greatest chance of success.

It also partially fights with incredibly hard curves. VfB Coach Tim Walter calls several times to Gerry Seoane: "Hey, this is just friendly!" Eventually, YB, the Champions League player, still defeats them with the goals of Hoarau, Nsame and the young Esteban Petignat. many great names such as Mario Gomez, Holger Badstuber, Daniel Didavi, Gonzalo Castro, Anastasios Donis, Pascal Stenzel and Gregor Kobel.

Zurich recently borrowed from Hoffenheim to Augsburg and there Stammgoals returned to the first Bundesliga and he returns to VfB for the second time. Why? I'm still a member of Hoffenheim, so that was just another loan. VfB is a giant club with a close proximity to Switzerland. The goal is a clear revival. "

And YB as an opponent in Kobel's first game as a VfB guard? "Special! It was a cool game. YB has a great team and the ability to play the Champions League. »U21 International time talks to former teammate Marvin Spielmann. From there, YB team knows a half: Zesiger, Lauper, Garcia, Lotomba …

Bad Ragaz (3rd League) – St. Gallen 2:19
As it is already against the memory (17: 0) celebrates St. Gallen vs. Bad Ragaz Film Festival. With 19: 2 aspens shooting in the third division. Outstanding numbers are Jérémy Guillemenot (6 goals) and Cedric Itten (5 goals), which together form more than half the hits of St. Gallen.

Thun – Aarau 2: 0
FC Thun has the first test match against FC Aara on this hot Saturday afternoon. The Bernese Oberlanders won a shortened game (twice 35 minutes) ahead of 300 spectators on the Waldgarten sports field thanks to the Sorgic and Rodrigues 2-0 goals.

Luzern – Altach 0: 0
The Central Switzerland does not go against the Austrian Bundesliga by the number zero. Altach has more chances but can not use them all. Lucerne, on the other hand, again and again uses pinprick, especially with fast counterweight, which also does not lead to the goal.

Rapperswil-Jona – Zürich 1: 3
FCZ celebrated a triumphant victory against Rapperswil-Jone. Marchesano, Khelifi and Ceesay make three crucial goals in the first half.

Servette – GC 1: 0
The fight against newcomers has long been balanced. Only after the breaks Servette defines the game and leaves the place at the end as a winner. In 85 minutes, GC's goalkeeper Salvi is drawn to the faul, there is a penalty. The flooded Ice of Chagas cooled down to the decisive goal in the net.

Thun – Aarau 1: 0
Thun also wins in a second test match (twice 35 minutes) against FCA. Vasić scored in the sixth minute for the winner.

Xamax – City of Tuzla 0: 1
Neuchâtel must soon defeat an opponent from Bosnia. The only goal scored by Nukić was 34 minutes.

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