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For proper care of the palms of the room – Guide – Garden

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Palm trees are one of the most popular closed plants, and for many tropical plants. Green color brings the color and touch of the summer mood in the apartment. The choice of different halls is large and ranges from delicate palm trees to expansive broad-leaved broadleather hair.

What matters is the NDR gardener Matthias Schuh.

How to properly maintain the palms of the room

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They bring tropical flax in the apartment: With proper care, the inner palms are decorative cymbals. How to handle them properly reveals the NDR gardener Matthias shoe.

Most species are relatively easy to care for. They only need very little water and therefore survive the dry spell, for example during a vacation, without drying immediately.

Palm trees need lots of light

However, there are no insensitive palm rooms: the air in the room should not be too dry, otherwise plants will quickly get brown tips. Yellow tips may indicate too much and too little moisture. How much water the plant should vary depending on the variety. Most species also need plenty of light without being directly in the sun.

Fertilize only during growth

If the palm is exposed to direct sunlight in the summer on a window or on the terrace, the leaves may burn rapidly. The plant should then move to another location or, for example, the fan, be chilled with gentle breeze. With fertilizer you need to be economical, usually needed only during vegetation in spring and summer. It is well suited to a special liquid fertilizer with a palm.

By the way, many plants we call woodcarving are not botanical palms, such as juke palm trees and dragon trees. Especially these two types often grow in the wrong. Since the plants always grow in the light, the pot gradually moves.

Inner palms – types and care at a glance

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