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Formula 1: Alfa-Sauber Vasseur slams Giovinazzo's hair!

The first point of the World Cup for Alfa Saubera driver Antonio Giovinazzi (25). But this point has consequences – and those are hairy!

Curious scenes in the Alfa-Sauber home-car. Suddenly, Antonio Giovinazzo hurries – and goes to flight!

The Italian, who takes first place at GP Austria in tenth place, runs away in front of Frédérica Vasseur (51). The Frenchman, armed with scissors, ran for Giovinazzo and tried to cut off his hair!

Vasseur is "threatened", first in the World Cup go to Giovinazzis graveyard to the collar. And so it is. After a short flight, Vasseur can ask for a newcomer – and cut it out of the cap of the protruding thread! "Promise is a promise – especially with our team leader," is fun with the Alfa-Sauber tweet. Sauber is new to the sixth place in the championship.

Vasseur is delighted: "It's nice to have both cars in the points before the first lap: I hope both cars will come back with 8 wheels from the first round, and Kimi is still one of the best riders. At the beginning, he advanced to 4. But McLaren is too strong for us. That's the best result we could get. "

Alfa-Sauber's manager Beat Zehnder, who is standing on Vasseurove's hairy pursuit for Giovinazzo, said: "We were the fifth best team in training and now we have both cars in the score. Nothing was there for us anymore." (R.B./stst)

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