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Hantavirus in Stuttgart: "Children are normally allowed to play in mud" – knowledge

Do not panic when it comes to hantavirus: parents can let their kids play outside without worrying. Photo: dpa

This year, the number of cases of hantavirus infections in Stuttgart is increasing. Some parents are not sure. But look at the numbers makes it quite clear.

Stuttgart – The rottle looks ridiculous. But her feces can be transmitted by hantavirus. This year, these diseases become more and more common in the Stuttgart area after rodents have been breeding good food last year. Some parents are not sure and wonder if children can play a clear conscience in the garden or the forest.

These concerns are understandable, but when experts look at their numbers, they can make it clear: among the 211 registered so far this year, hantaviruses (from May 15), submitted to the State Health Office, according to Matthias Kreuzinger from the Regional Council, there are no children and adolescents between zero and 14 years.

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Also in the Olga Hospital, the municipal pediatric clinic, this year did not find a case of hantavirus. "In the past seven years, we have treated 22 children who have been infected with the virus," says senior physician Olgäle, Friedrich Reichert.

Illness occurs in the waves: "Every two to four years, cases are more common." This has to do with the proliferation of red chicks. In the past year, rodents could propagate because there were many bees.

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The number of unrecorded cases is high in Hantavirus because the symptoms are sometimes unclear, explains Reichert: "Sometimes the child has abdominal and fever pains and has never been found to be ill with Hantom."

Heavy courses are rare in children

On the other hand, severe forms of illness are rare: "Every two or three years we have a kid here whose kidneys are affected." So bad for small patients to be on dialysis, but Olga Hospital never knew how much she knew. .

Reichert and experts in the state health department agree: Parents can still let their kids play outdoors. "Children must be allowed to play dirt as usual," says senior doctor Olga Hospital.

The state health department also does not advise special precautions when children are playing in the garden or in the woods. However, parents should ensure that children do not touch dead mice. If you have mice in the garden, in the store or in the garage, you should not let the kids play here.

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