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Höfflin and Galmarini were not nominated

It has always been: who has become an Olympic champion, is also on the Athletics List of athletes of the year. Two Pyeongchang champions this year are not in favor.

They peaked in February: at the Olympic Games in South Korea, Sarah Höfflin (27) and Nevin Galmarini (31) donated gold. Ten months after winning Pyeongchang, freeskier and Alpine snowboarders have no chance of taking the lead. Like Geneva NBA starter Clint Capela (24) on December 9th were not nominated for Sportswomen of the Year at Sports Awards!

This is unusual: in the last ten years, Olympic champions have always stood in the elections. But is it important at all? Or is it just a little scratching ego? "Whether I'm named or not, make a difference," says Galmarini at LOOK. "It affects my market value, whether it's any of the candidates for a sports event in the capital."

Especially in marginal sports, opportunities are rare to present to a large audience. Sponsoring sports is of primary importance to sponsors.

"I give everyone"

One problem: The number of nominees has recently been reduced from ten to six. The contest is accordingly large enough to even list it. "No one would deserve to be nominated for the athlete of the year," says Engadin. "I'll handle every six, that's not a question, and the election process is transparent." The athletes are two-thirds of the vote and journalists (one-third).

Paradox: Four years ago, Galmarini was nominated as a silver medalist from Soča. Despite the Olympic gold and the wins in the overall world cup this season was not enough. His suggestion: "I would fill the candidate field, for athletes like me would be worthy of gold."

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