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Honorable gentlemen in Beaver Creek

The Swiss day of sleep at Beaver Creek! Feuz flies to the "Plush Birds" first place, Mauro Caviezel wins and loses only seven hundred of his fellow-second place!


The first Swiss winter podium season comes in two packs! Feuz and Caviezel were disappointed by the scary "bird of prey".

1. Beat Feuz 1: 13.59
2. Mauro Caviezel +0.07
the third Aksel Lund Svindal (Ne) +0.08


Feuz starts seventh and shows hammer ride! Schangnauer flies like an eagle over the jumps of "Golden Eagle" and Co. With incredible speed comes the goal and points out Svindal for eight hundred. Especially in the lower part no one comes to Switzerland. "Kugelblitz" can celebrate its first victory at Beaver Creek! Mauro Caviezel will soon fall after Dressens (see below), and the Grisons imagines the snow line! Caviezel is long even before Feuz, only in the last third loses seven hundred. First floor on a downhill floor! Carlo Janka sniffed to the middle of the podium, but was not fast enough to take the place among the top three. Marc Gisin has a lot of plans for bird prey, but has already slowed down in the first corner.

11. Carlo Janka +0.61
17. Patrick Küng +0.92
19. Marc Gisin +0.93
24. Urs Kryenbühl +1.09
24. Gilles Roulin +1.09
27. Niels Hintermann +1.19
38. Ralph Weber +2.10

So the race went on

German Dressen shows driving madness – ahead of the winner Feuz. The 25-year-old does not skip the skis after the jump and fall. Slippery in the net and must be transported. Shock a Moment! Svindal, who can not push for his injured hand, shows fruitful driving! He builds up in the final third speed game and only won the Swiss dream duo. The Austrians are considered to be big favorites before the race but can not live up to that role.

That's a talk

The last training on Thursday will be canceled. The start of the race will be deferred to the lower. The result is a "mini" departure to Beaver Creek. Advantage for drivers such as Beat Feuz, who has always lost training time in the upper part.


Change your time sensations! At one point the snow is crazy, while the others are down with heavy fog. One thing remains the same throughout the race: the soft paths and the criminal conditions.

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