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Idol for every lifestyle – life

While many printed titles are struggling with collecting readers, personality magazines flourish. German stars fill their dreams with their own magazine – and their fans. Last football player Jérôme Boateng with a great book "Boa". Previously, designer and TV director Guido Maria Kretschmer with "Guido" or versatile talent Barbara Schöneberger from "Barbara".

The above mentioned magazines include the Hamburg publisher Gruner + Jahr. Sabine Grüngreiff, Brand Communications Manager, explains the success of a magazine of well-known people whose desire to identify. Stars, on the other hand, point out how many personalities they discover for booklets. "There's a lot of Guido in it," said Guido Maria Kretschmer of Vip.de. "That's just the subjective appealing to people," says Grüngreiff about "Deutsche Welle."

Guido and Co share with their readers the way, way of life, recipes, interviews with other stars, styling tips, shopping tips. Yet every magazine has its own approach to stories, and thus to the appropriate audience.

Idol for every lifestyle

So Boa deals with sports and social diversity – the father of a football player comes from Ghana. Among other things, Boateng wants to use his book to solve racism, including those he has experienced. But Boateng's life style also requires a lot of spending. Boa, as he calls it in the square, is known as a style icon. His taste is a set.

This is also shown in the first issue of the journal. The reporter took the purchase recommendations. It has reached an incredible 121,005,60 euros. According to the publisher, target audience are fashion conscious, urban men between the ages of 20 and 40 who love sports and status symbols. These include so-called. Digital native, that is, those boys who can even be brand new printers because they consume media content primarily online or through social media.

Jérôme Boateng was unsafe in Späti and sold the first edition of "Boa". Source: Instagram

"Barbara", on the other hand, should refer to "brave, self-confident women between the ages of 30 and 55," who can laugh for their unrealistic life. "This is guaranteed without eating, making and listing obligations ", Reads the publication of the journal, which first appeared in 2015.

As the magazine for women and "Guido" advertised, first with a male name. She should give women a good feeling, says editor-in-chief Brigitte Huber Fashion Network. "One of you" is a claim. Guido Maria Kretschmer plays the common role of counseling best friend and allows women to compete with their clothes, as in TV format "Shopping Queen".

Is "Christa" soon?

This concept also attracts readers in this country? A look at the Swiss magazine shows: There are no local journals behind which there is a certain personality. In Ringier Axel Springer Switzerland, however, the trend closely follows, says Urs Heller, who works for the publishing house for forty years, until the end of the year as head of public media. First of all, the magazine "Barbara" surprised him: "Mrs Schöneberger gives this title, but actually everything."

Heller is not certain whether a similar form of a similar shape as a "pattern" will be found in Switzerland. No one is in trouble, neither Christa Rigozzi nor Roger Federer. In addition, the Swiss market is much less than German, which is the narrower profit and loss account.

How long personality magazines will be in the German and German speaking markets will be shown only. "In the end, it always decides what the reader says," says Sabine Grüngreiff of Deutsche Welle. Anyway, the reader from Switzerland has already got the latest edition from the Hamburg home – "I'll buy" a boo, "writes Heller.

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