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"I'm on the black list now"

She publicly criticized the German TV channel ZDF. That's why she will probably never play there again, he believes Freiburg Géraldine Olivier.

Dissatisfied! Singer Géraldine Olivier (52) wanted to appear on Sunday at "ZDF TV Garden" with Andrei Kiewel (54). But he got a rejection. Reason: her hairstyle. During the talk of the election, ZDF's editor told her to look better with her hair than before with a new short hairstyle and hence not singing "TV Garden".

Sexist behavior

Olivier did not want to let her down. In an open letter, she complained to the ZDF Management Board: "The funding station should only apply more objective criteria here," says the Grand Prix of National Music Award in 1995. "It's a shame that I have been reduced to my visual appearance," adds Olivier SonntagsBlicku. Such behavior is completely sexist.

Against the Almighty Television Makers

In ZDF, they are silent about Olivier's expulsion. Whether the editor actually criticized Freiburg's new look, you will not answer. Optical criteria would not have a role in selecting artists who appear in the show, says the spokesperson of the sender.

At ZDF Géraldine Olivier probably will never sing in the future. "Now I'm on a blacklist," she says. In support of fans, Freiburg can still count on: "I got a lot of positive feedback so that someone finally resisted the every-minute TV producers," she says.

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