Saturday , May 15 2021

"In Three Months Ill" – a poison in e-cigarettes by Philip Morris

E-cigarettes become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional screaming. But they are not healthier: in the filters of the Iqos brand, scientists have discovered very toxic substances.

Most of them are smoking: e-cigarettes are becoming more popular. In the well-known brand filters, the Blue Cross has now revealed highly toxic substances. The manufacturer warrants that these steam will not breathe.

Philip Morris Iqos's floral e-cigarette filters release very toxic substances when heated. It was discovered by the lab on behalf of the Blue Cross Bern-Solothurn-Freiburg, as reported by "SonntagsZeitung" (a remuneration article).

In the study, the polymer filters were heated to 100 degrees. The lab has found that dangerous toxins are released from the filters – so-called isocyanates. "In use, filters are heated even more than in a laboratory," says SonntagsZeitung Markus Wildermuth, responsible for testing on the Blue Cross.

Did not test the substance during consumption. Rainer Kaelin, a Vaud lung specialist and former vice president of the Swiss Lung League, warned the newspaper: "If it is confirmed that the isocyanate is inhaled when Iqos is consumed, it is very problematic."

They are dangerous poison. They damage human cell membranes. They are, inter alia, in solvents, coatings, paints or industrial foams. Strict rules apply to the business.

Pollutants can cause eye injuries such as corneal damage and respiratory irritation to asthma or obstructive chronic lung disease COPD. In addition, they can cause allergic reactions. Inhaling from the surrounding air can lead to fatal illness in just one year.

In 1984, about 40 tons of isocyanate flew out of Indian pesticide plant owned by the US chemical company Union Carbide in Bhopal, India. This led to the Bophal disaster, which cost more than 2,800 lives. Several hundred thousand suffered serious injuries such as eye and mucous damage.

Inhaling even very small amounts can seriously damage your health and make you sick after only three months. In extreme cases, the inhalation of isocyanates in the air "has led to deadly diseases after one year."

Philip Morris admits the poison to the report. In daily use of Iqos, substances are not inhaled, the company spokeswoman persuaded about their detailed research.

The blue cross is in opposition to the group's claims. "We've succeeded in proving that the filters partially break out during normal use and are heated to the temperature at which the isocyanates actually sprout," says Markus Wildermuth at "Tages-Anzeiger".

In the future, Philip Morris wants to generate about 40 percent of its sales of "risky products". The group praises Iqos as a "potentially less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes".

How addictive is the Swiss youth?

While the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and cannabis remains the same since 2014, young people are increasingly open to e-cigarettes. In the 2018 study for the Federal Office of Public Health, Sucht Schweiz presents this and other findings on health behavior and use of substances in Switzerland.


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