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Is "Hyena Fischer" in Nazi Search for Austria?

With the Nazis for Success? Hyne Fischer wants to get to the ESC in Tel Aviv with "the timidity of the weather".

YouTube / hijena ribarica

The musician wants to compete under the name Hyäne Fischer with the provocative aesthetic of the thirties in ESC for Austria. It raises the question: how much political satire is possible on Eurosong?

Obersalzberg's romance, 1930s Nazi view and the nature of recitation, mixed with heimattümelnden with German verses and a raw mix of pop and electro pop – Hyäne Fischer served with its mystical misty poem "In the Darkness of Time" pretty much any cultural-industrial provocation; somewhere between Riefenstahl, Rammstein and Rössl am Wolfgangsee. The user writes under ten thousand times the clicked video, it would look like "reuniting class with Eva Braun on Obersalzberg".

Hieni ribar? Yes, I heard that right. The musical project uses the name of the most successful German-speaking musician ever, who knows how to hit her millions of hits. But that's not all: the wrong Helena wants to compete as a shadow of Fischer at the Euro Vision Song Contest 2019. Ironically for Austria, all the places in Israel, where the ESC finals will be held next year.

A satire for all

The inspiration of a Viennese musician who is marching with his companions in the traditional ghetto, healthy and in-house in love through the woods and the corridor, is clear: as a satirical project, they want to keep the mirror toward other countries moving further and further to the right. Austria, where some people now want "good old days" without the immigrants and all this gendar, with Nazi aesthetics at ESC?

But who's behind it? Hyena Fischer appears to be the action of the left, feminist fraternity "Hysteria," which includes famous writer Stefanie Sargnagel. The "Histories," a satirical project that consists solely of women but does not want to be so named, aims not only to abolish patriarchs, but also to establish a "golden matrix". Heraldic animal, of course, is a shade. The song is marvelously spreading to its followers and fans.

As a satire in fraternity, Hysteria fraternity also has a hymn.

YouTube Fraternity Hysteria

Is ESC Political Parody?

So much political algorithm of parody, so subversive satire – whether it is a once-politically colorful, beautifully dominating Eurovision contest? Are not you interested in ESC viewer? After all, there are enough double levels in the genious and grotesque Heni-Fish song, but they are never so desperate to be able to laugh as a serene Nazi satire. Rarely, right-wing populism in the form of song is so satiricly satiric.

Although the ESC was repeatedly parade the goal of satirical action. However, although the Germans Stefan Raab and Guildo Horn had rather apolitical took a hit business and tested Austrian Conchitu Wurst in their 2014 ESC victory, the public's toleration of gender diversity, Hyäne Fischer and Hysteria asked: How seriously are you taking this indescribable genocidal homeland really? If the question remains, how much pleasure would be appropriate, the "shadow" should go to Tel Aviv for Austria.

However, Hyne Fischer is not yet an official candidate, and Fraternity Hysteria also rejects any link to the Facebook project – with a tongue-in-tongue statement: "Press office systems are trying to close our long-term relationship with the glittering world of the show business: this is a warning to the worst!"

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