Tuesday , January 26 2021

Jessie J: Jessie J is on a Channing Tatum show

Love rumors surrounding Jessie J and Channing Tatum do not want to break. The singer was present at the opening of the "Magic Mike Live" exhibition in London and duly fired the actor.

Are they together or not? For a few weeks he has speculated that Jessie J (30, A sweet speaker
) and Channing Tatum (38) are par. While an actor is ever seen at singers' concerts, the latter even with her little daughter Everly (5) appeared on one of the performances, she was now at the Magic Magic Live in London. Watch the Casino Hipodrome.

According to "Entertainment Tonight", in their Instagram Stories, she published an image of the event that disappeared and commented on them, "Congratulations, Channing Tatum. What a show … ladies and gentlemen, do not want to miss." Although this is not an official acknowledgment of love, the number of meetings is very suspicious. Insider previously allegedly confirmed the US entertainment format that the two should be a pair of October.

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Separation in April

Since April Tatum has separated from his wife Jenne Dewan (37, "Step Up"), with whom she has her daughter, Everly. She should officially apply for a divorce by the end of October. However, it seems that both sides are not heartburn. While the actress in the meantime with Steve Kazeeo (43) floated on cloud 9 again, Tatum apparently now deals with Jessie J.

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