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Johnny Depp: Shocking images lead to battle with Amber Heard

For Johnny Depp, she claims to have beaten, raped and abused her ex-wife Amber Heard. Photos serve to back up serious actor accusations.

At $ 50 million, Johnny Depp (55) sued his former wife Amber Heard (32) for slander. Reason: Heard accused Deppa of being divorced two years ago, family violence. With detailed descriptions of alleged mistreatment by the Hollywood star, Amber Heard is now in charge of a million-dollar suit of her former partner.

In new court documents, Heard describes a number of situations in which Depp became tangible under the influence of drugs and alcohol. He heard that her ex-husband had become "completely another person", "often disappointed and violent" when he used drugs and alcohol.

Shocking photos accuse serious actor accusations: The pictures show, according to Heard's, completely destroyed Johnny Depp's room. In March 2015, the actor was supposedly involved in the quarrel of steam and completely dismantled Heard's wardrobe in a luxury $ 3 million luxury apartment in Los Angeles. The incident occurred only one month after the wedding on the Bahamas.

"Just shit crazy"

In addition to numerous photos that show, among other things, Depp has suffered injuries and scars at Heard, the actress has submitted several screenshots of text messages to court. Among other things, an SMS conversation between a former former cash employee and a worker named Kevin, who was responsible for Depp's luxurious apartment. – Good morning. Um … Johnny destroyed Amber's wardrobe. In addition, more damage was done to the apartment. You're the person I should talk to, right? "The cashman wrote. "Madness. Just fucking crazy.

Ausraster when Depp was "drunk and ecstatic"

According to Daily Mail, allegedly extermination of Johnny Depp occurred in the unplanned shootout of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge. This was inserted because Depp broke his finger. Amber Heard claims that her former partner accidentally cut off a part of her finger during dislocation. He was "drunk and ecstatic". Spor allegedly was because the movie acted his wife's affair with actor Billy Bob Thornton (63), as Heard argues in the papers.

Johnny Depp physically and verbally abused Amber Heard. After divorce, Depp repeatedly harassed Heard publicly and tried to persuade the world to lie by denying abuse, "said Heard's attorney Eric George. Depp denies allegations of the violence of his former wife and calls Heard's claims of "new lies". (WHEN)

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