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KLM celebrates without Boeing 787-10

CEO Pieter Elbers criticizes tickets below ten euros and no plans for further routes to Austria.

In fact, Dutch air carrier KLM wanted to present its first Boeing 787-10 in Amsterdam at Hangar 12 in Amsterdam, but there was no delay in delivery due to delays in delivery. The machine should arrive, according to chief of Pieter Elbers, on Sunday, without specifying the exact reason for the delay.

Nevertheless, the manager gave a signal for starting a countdown to a hundred-year deal as part of the elaborate event because exactly 100 days – according to KLM – came the time. The Dutch airline did not shrink from the cost and effort to present the company's history on a multimedia basis but still felt the lack of B787-10.

Pieter Elbers is pleased with the development of Graz

At the margins of the event, CEO of KLM Pieter Elbers told AviationNetOnline that he was very pleased with the route to Vienna and Graz. Although there are no plans to supplement it at this time, it does not want to exclude it, especially for the Styrian airport.

"Graz-Amsterdam has not been flying so long, but the track has been developing well since the first day, and that is also taking into account using larger planes, with good development I do not want to exclude frequency increases, but we have no plans in the short term," said Elbers. which can definitely be excluded at this time is that we as KLM in Austria will fly to other airports near Vienna and Graz. As for Transavie, Transavia has to decide for itself. "

Head of KLM Pieter Elbers.

KLM chief Pieter Elbers believes that air ticket prices below 10 euros are "grotesque" because "such things can not be expected back and forth" and "the respective service providers pay heavily". Advertising prices must at least be within the range of prices that reasonably represent the value of a product and are not "so inexpensive" for an airline. "There have always existed and there will always be cheap deals, but I do not believe that the competitors to which this can relate can not afford this flood of tickets under 10 euros in the long run, which once again disappears from the market," says the manager.

Asked how he would travel to 100 years, Pieter Elbers said that "there will certainly be a new find that we can not imagine today." 100 years ago, no one would think there were airplanes that corresponded to 300 or more people. "Personally, and can win many Hyperloop projects, because they are "absolutely exciting and quite viable." Great like James Kirk and Mr. Spock will not be likely, according to Elbers, but "who knows".

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