Friday , February 26 2021

"Leave for the Moon" in the movie of the week

The movie begins a week

Shot on the Moon

November 10, 1818 – Ryan Gosling is pretty quiet and introverted to "Going to the Moon" as Neil Armstrong. The departure itself is loud and impressive. Our movie begins a week.

Video recommendations

  • Movie begins in video:
    Did you run it?

  • Industrial City Report:
    As Trump won the steel heart of America

  • Spice Girls Back:
    Pop without Posh

  • Last for the 10th meeting:
    "I am now a fan of RB Leipzig"

  • Visit US Oktoberfest:
    "These are frightening times"

  • Music City Nashville before Midterms:
    "Trump is crazy"

  • World Parachute Parachute Championship:
    Synchronized swimming in the wind tunnel

  • I hope for prey:
    Sharks threaten with frozen whales

  • Music City Nashville before Midterms:
    "We have to fight"

  • Pop culture in the Soviet Union:

  • Spacious adventure "Going to the moon":
    There is no fun on the Moon

  • "In my room":
    What if …

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