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Legal Offenses at the Top of the Army – Switzerland: Standard

After eight months of humiliating division Andreas Stettbacher slammed the collar. In August 2017, senior medical officer of the Swiss Armed Forces has already been "temporarily released" in eight months. Stettbacher came under fire because of too expensive Christmas meals, "property and official offenses" accused him. 15,000 francs for 32 people cost this opportunity.

Just Stettbacher. He wants to unpack and show how his superiors keep his salary service. Not to make better, but worse. Much worse, as the report shows, which should remain secret.

On 3 August 2017, the last interrogation of the suspect begins in the administrative investigation against him. Not long before Stettbacher heard something about his boss. What he passes during the trial is fast enough for Defense Secretary Guy Parmelin to help with a new administrative investigation. Even if it is directed against two of his troupe commanders: Defeated next to Daniel Baumgartner, today the military training leader, also Philippe Rebord. Just a few months ago, Parmelin Federal Advisor put him at the forefront of the army.

Spree about state costs

Oberfeldarzt Stettbacher states that Rebord for his senior staff officers' seminar carried their women with "aviation equipment", ie "Helicopter flights from different points of view to the event".

The military spike, continues the insider, gathers several times a year with dignified seminars. There would be "decent" subscribers, "borderless alcohol", "Platts" and a drink later in the bar, all in the state account. Both partners and women are often referred to these "appreciation exercises".

Half a million francs

Stettbacher is especially burdened by the commander of the Corps Baumgartner, his former boss in the Logistical Armed Forces (LBA). LBA Annual Report 2015 with "overpriced expense". 3500 employees and 500 guests came to the specially lent Velodrome in Grenchen, sang Fabienne Louves, eating and drinking. Cost: More than half a million francs.

Stettbacher will offer even more Müsterchen from the LBA, such as "Appenzeller-Alpenbitter-Orgies" at Elm's seminar. There were such quantities of alcoholic beverages that people were sometimes inadequate in the morning after they did not work.

Not long after the statement was reconstructed by Parmelin Stettbacher. DDPS pulls out your ad. The unpacked doctor returns to the place. Two bodyguards are now in their eyes. Parmelin entrusted Cornel Borbély with an investigation into a three-star general. The former prosecutor of Zurich is considered a scout without fear of big animals. Fifi was so stubborn that he was joking with the chief investigator.

7 beers, 82 spirits, 10 bottles of white wine, 12 bottles of black wine, 9 cigarettes.Alcoholic Book "Founded Evening" (original sound, commander of the corps Daniel Baumgartner) of 28 most senior armies in Glarnerland.

Now Borbély conducts eight polls under pressure. Army chief Rebord tells him about the "tradition" of inviting girls and wife every other year at senior officers' seminars, also in 2017 in Crans-Montana. "Some Partners" flew in the afternoon on June 21 by military helicopters in customs. There they visited the Underground Lake, the women visited the golf course the next morning, which was freely organized by the sports army. Parmelin is in the picture about the program. The defense minister even gave a speech in the presence of women victims. Look at such opportunities that the cost remained low, Rebord defends.

Commander of the Corps Baumgartner also calls for self-defense in two interviews. He says he never had the impression that things were happening at a seminar in which he was responsible in Glarnerland. The Alpine bitter did not surely drink too much. It was a "fun and exciting evening".

Not very economical

Lawyer Borbély compares the general data with the accounting documents. Already on Christmas 2017 he submitted his investigation report. The 44 pages should stay locked and locked. The Tamedy Research Table and the French-speaking Swiss "La Liberté" insist on their right of access. DDPS fights back. Only after the conciliation discussion with the Federation Public Relations Officer Adrian Lobsiger, the editors will receive a document.

The investigation report is explosive. There are several conclusions, such as: "There is a serious suspicion that the principle of the economy has been violated." Most of the estimates refer to Baumgartner Corps commander – also in the controversial issue of Alpine bitter. Borbély cites what 22 delegates in the Panixerstübli in Elma had 22 representatives of logistic base management and 6 guests on 22nd of June 2014. «7 beers, 82 alcoholic beverages (1 cup Luz, 53 Appenzeller, 17 Grappa Barolo, 4 Scotch whiskey, 6 Vieille Prune Morin, 1 Williams Theiler Plant), 10 bottles of white wine, 12 bottles of black wine, , 87 kn per employee (no guests). "

And nine more cigars

Situated? Excessively? In any case, free of charge. Bill went to the state. The taxpayer also takes over nine cigars. One employee testified that he had told Baumgartner "that the post was clearly beyond the norm". But the general looks at the account.

Baumgartner was also generous in dealing with public money on Christmas Eve. He often spent 250 francs or more per employee, as spouses were always called. For Borbély "it is inconceivable under what title the employee's expense can be taken over or the taxpayer should take over." However, the supervisory body will never challenge the federal government against "accepted practice".

helicopter taxi

The Decree on Costs for Christmas Dinner or Staff Events was developed in DDPS, but only in response to Spreitenreiterei investigations. From September 1, 2018, what was boss of Rebord Army on the day of heat in June 2017 was still ordered. He had 18 partners of his senior officers who flew with a helicopter from Dübendorf, Emmen, Bern, Payerne and Lausanne in Valais, where men held a seminar. The army chief defended flights with the argument that pilots would have to go to their flyers anyway.

Women had to pay a contribution of 100 francs each. As a result, the additional cost of 7,000 francs is not covered for posts such as dinner or overnight – not to mention the flights. The clock at Super Pumi costs 10,900 Swiss francs. But only the trip out with many lifting points took several hours of flight. DDPS refuses to answer the question of what type of helicopter is used, how often it is used and whether the partners are also brought home.

It trades tradition

At the 2015 Seminar in Ittingen, they flew between Dübendorf and Frauenfeld. The car takes about half an hour for about 40 kilometers. For female invitations, transportation of helium to state cost and golf activities, Borbély sets "the issue of necessity" and "saving potential".

Yet, Borbély finds Rebord behaving "rightly". There are no explicit prohibitions for the army chief, but only some kind of tradition according to which he has acted. In addition, the general benefits he cooperated in the investigation and demonstrated an understanding – unlike Baumgartner, which reveals something else: the commander of the corps gave four of the goldsmiths to Helvetia employees. He bought 19th-century coins for his budget for every 1,200 francs. Sam Baumgartner, who earns more than 300,000 francs a year, forgave the chief of the logistics base and such a coin at state expense.

No consequences

Against him disciplinary investigation is tense. It comes to a differentiated conclusion: the Christmas dinner was "from a time perspective, matched". Alcoholic beverages were "allowed" on two occasions, and Baumgartner was "uncomfortable" in paying. His golden gifts to employees were "unprofessional" and were "unlawful" for him. There is no criminal case. DDPS does not want to say on demand if irregular expenses are returned. Sam Baumgartner does not want to comment. Federal Counselor Parmelin expresses her trust in her supreme man.

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