Wednesday , June 23 2021

Makeup: Which lipstick matches me?

Dark chocolate, apricot, fusion or nude? The range of seductive shades for lipstick is endless and unmanageable. And not only that – women often do not know whether it is a kind of color "ružewood". There are several simple rules to help you decide which lipstick is right for you.

Light skin and light hair

Women Alabaster is best advised to play with bright and bright tones. This includes primarily roses, peaches, apricots or red bark. It is important to avoid particularly severe contrasts that may arise with dark lipstick. Who has an ivory color should also work without a Nude, because this tone becomes pale quickly.

Light skin and dark hair

What color of lip has Snow White? Right, the princess with porcelain skin and dark hair carries a strong red color. Rich and warm colors like red are perfect for summer type. But even with sensitive purple or pink colors, nothing can go wrong.

Dark skin and pure hair

Approved, this combination is rare, but has a few beautiful tones of rose that are perfectly aligned with red hair. For example, shades like gold, nougat or caramel emphasize beautiful summery browns. From the dark lipstick of the lips the women should stick their fingers.

Dark skin and dark hair

Who belongs to the type from brown to black hair, summer and brown eyes, can get out of full. The color palette here has no limits. Creamy shades of brown, cherry, claret, blackberry or dark chocolate are perfectly matched to these ladies.

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