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Meghan Markle: First Appearance After Breaking Baby – Meghan surprised

Recently, rumors emerged that Meghan Markle would be completely overwhelmed. Now the Duchess has reappeared in public. With a surprising message.

Update on September 13: Meghan Markle's unexpectedly well-disposed appearance appeared on Thursday. After the birth of her son Archie in May, Meghan initially retired completely from the royal business. She had barely allowed herself four months of rest. No events, kingdom. The time has officially passed.

But recently, rumors have emerged that Meghan will be completely overwhelmed in her new role as a member of the royal family and mother. In contrast, the 38-year-old returned yesterday pleased with her royal responsibilities, which the royal family, among other things, shows on Instagram.

First appearance after a break for the royal baby: Duchess Meghan appears differently than expected

In a classic business look with suit pants, blouses and matching high-heeled shoes, she presented a special project with the Smart Works charity. Your own clothing line for a good cause.

Meghan took over the sponsorship of the Smart Works charity in January. The nonprofit helps unemployed women get back into working life. For example, she provides them with the right clothing to talk about work. Thanks to Meghan, these are no longer just donations of clothes, but also new clothes – designed by the Duchess.

It has become a five-piece business collection. Now he's finally in the store. One piece of clothing will be donated to each SmartWorld product. "It is my pleasure to celebrate the launch of a new initiative in which women support women," the Royal Lady said at the opening. Now that has officially begun. Clothing is on sale now.

Check out this post on Instagram

Today Duchess of Sussex, the next @smartworkscharity launched the #thesmartset capsule collection. The five-piece accessories collection aims to help Smart Works clients with classic pieces that need to attend interviews and get into the workplace. The Duchess of Sussex. "I am excited to celebrate the launch of yet another women and community support initiative. @Smartworkscharity helps long-term unemployed women regain the confidence they need to get back to work by providing high quality interview clothing, one-on-one training, and professional and personal development through the Smart Works network In fact, with the support of the charity, 64% of clients go into business! The Duchess became the patron saint of Smart Works in January this year. , The Smart Works Capsule. The Duchess of Sussex and @smartworkscharity have convened four collections of bag thief capsules. For every item purchased, a man wants to donate to Smart Works. launch and duchess of previous visits @smartworkscharity.

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"She cries a lot": Is Meghan completely dissatisfied? He calls the commissioner a sad reason

Update on September 12: After rumors of the mental state of Duchess Meghan were published by the royal insider, the picture he quotes: "He has trouble getting used to his new role as British royalty." The Duchess now seems to understand what it means to marry into the royal family.

Duchess Meghan: The Duchess cries a lot and is alone

The role of the mother, her royal responsibilities, and the critique of her lifestyle would outweigh Meghan. Therefore, she is often sad and cries a lot. insider, Image (payment barrier) Further quoted, it confirms that Meghan has been changing and withdrawing more and more in recent years. The truth, however, is "less dramatic than US media reports. Still, the Duchess is often alone and has been thinking for hours."

Meghan Markle: Is Meghan Exaggerated? He calls the commissioner a sad reason

Update on September 10: Fatigue, fatigue and mood swings – baby blues are a temporary low mood that plagues many young mothers. Does Meghan Markle have any? The Duchess seems overwhelmed by her mother's role.

Because the birth of Archie Meghan Markle's son is often sad, you cry a lot and it seems overwhelming, reports an American insider, "InTouch." The American is becoming too much. The Duchess is anxious, irritable, exhausted and unable to sleep properly, reports the American Intouch Commissioner. All the typical signs of baby blues, which often occur suddenly.

Meghan Markle: Will The Duchess Be Too Much?

Add to that the criticism Meghan is currently facing with her Prince Harry. For example, because of her private jet flights. In the meantime, the two have pulled the consequences. Also, the pressure that Meghan is under constant comparison with her sister Kate should not only promote the state of mind of the Duchess. Especially when you consider that Kate usually works better. He is considered a restrained, frugal and respectable mother. This may also explain why Meghan returned to her old homeland America. Does he finally want to settle down there?

The Duchess receives great support from her husband at this difficult time. "Harry does his best to cheer up her sweetheart and bring her old life back," the insider confirms. Hope this helps – and Meghan will recover soon.

An interesting theory has emerged now about the open bankruptcy of American Serena Williams – is Meghan guilty of it?

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Duchess Meghan: "Prince Harry is doing his best to cheer her up."

Update September 9: On her trip to the US, Meghan still had two people with her, at least she wore her initials close to her heart In the photo, the Duchess of Sussex wears a gold chain with the initials "H" around her neck. Dailymail suspects that the second pendant has an "A" for "Archie" engraved on it.

Meghan is not the only celebrity in the audience at the US Open: behind her is Vogue editor-in-chief and fashion icon Anna Wintour. The reason for Meghan's journey, however, provides criticism. On the Internet, Meghan has been accused of flying only because of a tennis tournament in the United States – it's a waste of resources, it's among other things.

There were also rumors that she had refused a visit to Balmoral Castle – despite the Queen's personal invitation. However, many of them resent the fact that she still traveled to a tennis tournament in New York. This is reported by, among others.

US Open: Duchess Meghan supports girlfriend Serena Williams

Update September 7: Without Prince Harry's husband and baby Duchess Meghan flew to New York. The 38-year-old is enjoying a little break there. He wants to cheer up his friend Serena Williams in the US Open finals. As The Times reports, a trip to the States was a spontaneous decision after Williams made it to the finals. The Duchess used the planned flight for the trip. Recently, criticism has emerged as she and Prince Harry have used private jets.

Palace in restlessness – Is Meghan moving to the US?

First Notice September 6, 2019: London – Britain's Royal Palace is in turmoil: According to media reports, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, will retain her advisor instead of relying on experts from Buckingham Palace. According to Mail on Sunday Meghan is represented by agent Nick Collins, business manager Andrew Meyer and attorney Rick Genow. The team should therefore negotiate a contract for the children's book Meghan.

Royale insiders called this behavior according to Sun as "worrying" for Buckingham Palace. That Meghan continued to surround herself with the people of Hollywood is not to be expected. Palace members usually took care of such matters to protect the interests of the royal family.

According to Sun There is a chance that Meghan will soon spend some of her time in the US. Whether he will bring Baby Archie and Prince Harry's husband with him is unclear.

After several negative headlines in recent years, Meghan is said to have hired a public relations firm to help her improve her public image. For example, disputes between Meghan and her sister Kate have been reported over and over. There was also speculation about a dispute with Queen Elizabeth. In addition, it was reported that Kate's engagement ring was originally intended for Meghan.

Meghan is said to have employed a New York company behind the back of a Royal Palace assistant – noisy Mail on Sunday "significant protocol breaks". Sunshine Sachs is one of the best known PR companies in the United States.

The Duchess Meghan grieves for Peter Lindburgh

Protocol disputes are not the only bad news that Duchess Meghan has to suffer this week. After the death of photographer Peter Lindburgh, she went on a black and white picture on Instagram. "The Duchess of Sussex used to work with Peter and personally selected him to photograph 15 women in the September issue of British Vogue, which helped shape them," the post states.

There are currently rumors of an unknown affair with Duchess Meghan with the US Navy for talks.

For his 35th birthday, Prince Harry received very special congratulations from his wife, Meghan. Even a previously unpublished photo of Baby Archie was posted on the occasion of his honor day.

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