Tuesday , July 27 2021

My Time in Portia: Craft Trailer: Collecting Materials and Creating Things

Team17 and Pathea Games show in my next trailer My Time in Portiau a sandbox RPG installation. You can see how to collect raw materials and then make all sorts of things on the work table. In addition to training, La Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and Cloud Cloud 2 can grow crops, breed animals, get acquainted with your friends and discover the secrets of the game world. My time in Portia is currently in the early stages of access to the computer and will appear soon "for PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

At first, it may be too great to gather and process building plans and materials. Here, it is ultimately less than competitive. However, after one or two hours, motivating the rhythm of material procurement and travel to retailers or mines, in which the jetpack and scanner are armed with useful artifacts of old high culture, Jan wrote in his review in April.

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